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How to practise self-care at the office in 6 easy steps

Before you throw that stapler at your colleague or say that expletive ask yourself, do you have bail money and time to go wash out your mouth? Today I am dedicating this post to people who are feeling overwhelmed at work and your lover Merlot is too far away (at home) and not answering your calls. I am going to give you some self –care tips you can do at work and can be done in under ten minutes.

1.Coffee break

I am a tea person and I enjoy chamomile tea in times of duress also the effort of getting up and actually doing the tea gives me some time to breathe and concentrate on something different, if only for a whilst. Too often our work issues become heightened cause we feel like we need to resolve them right now, honestly Suzanne unless you are a brain surgeon currently operating step away from what you doing and go have a coffee.

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2.Go for a walk

Hopefully your office space is blessed with some good greenery, take a walk and listen to the birds, smell the flower, touch the tree or the ground. Focusing on your other senses helps with lessening anxiety.

3.Listen to a short Ted Talk

The thing is as I am writing this I am not sure what you could be facing at work, it could be a deadline, problematic boss or colleague, maybe you have messed up somehow. I find that there is usually a Ted Talk that is able to inspire me and help me with perspective but because I am at work ( and data still needs to fall)I look for ones that are under ten minutes .


Just a minute is a trick that a friend taught me, for one minute I switch off. I meditate on a bible verse for the day and or I do breathing exercises, you would be surprised what a minute can do.


I love journaling, the process of putting my thoughts to paper, slows down my heart beat allows me to process my thoughts. It even allows me to be calm enough to find a solution.

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Honestly crying is not given enough credit where its due, I have my own issues with crying especially in public. I have a WhatsApp group with my friends and we will randomly check up on each other during the day on one particular day my friend admitted she was having a bad one and she had shut her office and cried for thirty minutes. Two weeks later I was having a not so unicorn and rainbows kind of day and because I am in an open office, I went to the loo and cried, it took off the initial feelings of being overwhelmed and I was able to soldier on for the rest of the day. Tears are a glorious thing and just like laughing are our bodies natural coping mechanism so use it and stop stigmatising it.

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Who says that self-care or me time needs you to be fully alone and requires a bath and wine and at least five hours? I mean it is great but not always practical. I do hope that these tips were not only insightful but also helpful always remember dear readers to live and speak your truth.

2 thoughts on “How to practise self-care at the office in 6 easy steps

  1. People truly underestimate the power of crying. I guess because to many,crying is still seen as a weakness. I have never thought of listening to a tedtalk so now I have another way just to zone out for a bit.

    1. Glad I could help with the Tedtalk, there are some great ones. I need to catch up to the world of Podcasts. With regards to crying yep we need to normalise it so it’s just like laughing, like I said I still struggle with crying even around my own friends.

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