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3 Quotes to live by this week

Hello! my awesome readers and all round amazing humans, hope you are good on this Monday. If you cannot tell I have had one of the best well-balanced, well rested weekends in a while. I am feeling all kinds of wonder woman. Which is why today’s post I will share three of my favorite quotes that will be a mood setter for this week.

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I am no tennis player but this quote resonates with me and should resonate with everyone who has dreams that they want to turn into reality. It is not about luck, it’s about sweat and tears, consistently working hard. Do not give up and put in the work, day in and day out.

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We need to take the risks, go the extra mile and its ok to be scared do it anyway! Most importantly stop feeding doubt. Be willing and open to learn the lessons from each failure.

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I hope todays inspire Monday feels like a shot espresso, I pray that this week is more than productive, it takes you closer to achieving your goals. Most importantly whatever the goals or fears for this week, just start. Please don’t forget to share the link to my site ( don’t keep Sandy’s place a secret). As always thank you for the non refundable gift that is your time. 🙂


  • Yanelisa

    Very inspiring quotes. I will surely incorporate these into my daily life(which is not much of a life at all😂) . This will surely improve its quality. This is the type of content people need to be reading and your blog is surely the place to go. Hope this blog flourishes🔥🔥

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