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Best post workout recovery techniques

Did you go the gym and work out like you would see the results immediately? Now the only result you have is your aching body? Well, have no fear your favourite blogger is here with some techniques to help you alleviate your pain or better yet follow these tips so you don’t have to have any pain.

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  1. Fuel your body well pre-workout

Believe it or not the best form of recovery begins even before hitting the gym. Read up on the best type of meals or snacks you can have pre-workout, to ensure that you not only train better but also assists in muscle recovery.

  1. Stretch

A lot of people focus on stretching before the workout but not after. For the best recovery ensure that you stretch for a good twenty minutes with a lot of focus on the muscle you were working.

  1. Soak in a bath

I prefer a shower but when I have overdone it, I enjoy soaking in a bath with some bath salts. Some athletes combine a mixture of hot and cold showers or an ice bath.

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  1. Get a massage

Nothing quite eases the muscles like a massage but the price tag can tense them right up again. You can do a self-massage and even use the foam.

  1. Rehydrate

Straight after the work out drink water, supplement it by having a protein shake as protein assists in muscle recovery. My brother swears by drinking a recovery supplement as it gives him energy.

  1. Light workout

It is best to give your muscles a two-day break but you need to keep active you can achieve this by taking brisk walk around your neighbourhood or going for a swim.

  1. Avoid over training

For the best recovery do not overdo it. Pace yourself do a workout that matches your fitness level and listen to your body when it says it’s too much.

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What has been your worst experience when you have overdone it at gym? Have you pulled a muscle like me? Be sure to let me know on the comments section I do enjoy hearing from you. Also please don’t forget to share the link, let people know about this awesome website.



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