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Chooseday: Stop explaining your dreams/ purpose

Molweni, allow me to take you back to sunday school for a bit. Remember the story of Joseph and how he used to tell his brothers his dreams? These dreams not only made the brothers hate him but they became more jealous and even plotted to kill him.

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Now I am not saying that if you tell people your dreams they will kill you but their lack of understanding, Inferiority complexes might lead them to kill your dreams. Doubt kills more dreams than failure. Remember dear reader most people only understand from their level of perception.

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So if you have a dream do not waste your time and energy explaining it to others. Instead use that energy to put in the work and make it a reality. Share it with those who see your vision and want to help you enlarge it. On this Chooseday, choose you and your dreams. Choose to not waste your time explaining it to people who are committed to misunderstanding you. I hope today that I have inspired you to be fearless in the pursuit of the things that sets your soul on fire. Do not forget to subscribe to the blog ( it’s free) to be the first to know when I post and host giveaways.

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