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The circle of life: Lessons of having to start over

I am turning the big 3-0 later on this year and I am spending a lot of time reflecting and today’s post comes from one of my many reflection sessions. Getting my internship was the greatest step in my climb up the corporate ladder. I exaggerate a lot (it’s my special skill set) but it was great in that it was a start. I was your typical intern lots of filing, answering calls, sending faxes.  You know the work that no one wants do?  what a yawn fest. However certain series used to glamourize it. Picture those scenes where your favorite heroin is climbing the corporate ladder one file and deadline at a time it goes fast with an awesome soundtrack. Mine was not as sexy in fact for a while I had an aversion to the colour yellow.(context: this was the colour of our files)

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Early in our second month my fellow intern and I were thrown into the deep end where we had to sink or swim again this wasn’t the glamourized version. It was the first one in, last one out, dreaming about work, bosses forcing you to take lunch version. I personally learnt about burn out in those ensuing months.


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The hard work paid off though, I grew both personally and professionally and I gained lifelong friendships and mentors.The last few months of my internship were less chaotic but definitely more mentally challenging I loved my job looked forward to it. I had more responsibility than most interns thanks to my previous dedication. At the end of my internship I became permanent in fact I was involved in recruiting interns and learnerships for the company what a full circle right? Here I am now finally my own heroine with my own soundtrack ( in my head clearly ,do I still need to clear this up, I feel like we know each other well enough now). As the millennials would say I had clocked life, what could go wrong?

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Retrenchment that’s what, want to know the irony of having to tell people they are going to be retrenched? It is consoling them only to be told later on that you too are retrenched. This is a story for another day. Two months before my 26th birthday I was retrenched, it was devastating and all other emotions, I thought retrenchment was for old people. I relied on my sexy lover Merlot, lots of hours at gym, sleep, denial and binging.



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For a whilst I was ok with my situation until 5 months later  what little savings I had were finished, my old friend depression slowly crept in like that grey cloud foretelling rain.  The job opportunities were scarce and reality sunk in and one day I found myself applying once again for an internship as an only hope for a job opportunity. I was surrounded by eager graduates who couldn’t wait for their first big step to prove themselves to their new bosses, family and themselves what did I do? I cried. That is the full circle of life, especially in this cruel thing called adulting!For one of the many times in my life I was vulnerable but for the first time I leaned on someone  and my gladiator friends consoled me and got my head in the game. I was able to put my big girl panties on and do what needed to be done.  You are familiar with Murphy’s Law right? six months into my internship, job offers flew in.

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I believe that there is a lesson in each phase of our lives and if we learn from it we do not have to repeat the class, you do however need to be open to the lesson. I learnt humility and to define my own version of success, that life is fickle: prepare for rain on your sunniest day and always leave room for disappointment.I learnt that I am one unbelievably resilient woman and that I can go to bed easily knowing whatever tomorrow holds I can conquer it, I am my own wonder woman. Have you been forced to restart? Hit rock bottom and climb back to the top?  I would love to hear your stories on the comments section. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and be the first to know when I host giveaways.

5 thoughts on “The circle of life: Lessons of having to start over

  1. I enjoyed this post Sandy. Wishing you all the best always and keep on keep on writing – I’ll be adding you to my blogroll.

    Enjoy the 30’s – they are great fun – but let me whisper this in your ear – the 50’s are totally rocking … hard to believe that 30 – but really, keep taking care of yourself – spiritually, mentally and physically and you’ll find ‘the best is yet to come’.

    Have a fabulous day.


    1. Wendy you are such a treasure, thank you so much for the kind words. I will definitely hang in there so I can experience the rocking 50s. I will give your blog a read.

  2. I’ve been retrenched twice and both times happened before I was 30. I know your paid and I’m glad to hear you rose through the ashes and found great value in such an experience.

    1. Oh my goodness, I hope you have also risen like a phoenix. We just need to keep the faith that all things will work out for our good in the end.

  3. Wow, impressive and I hope people in similar or same situation can read your story and be inspired. I wish you success as enter the arena of the 30s. Phambili!!!!!

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