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The Joys Of Catch Up Dates

Let’s be honest as adults our friendship dynamics have changed it’s a lot of we should catch up sometime. Who knows sometime doesn’t exist? The next thing you know its fifty years later and your child’s best friends’ mom is that friend you still owe a cup of coffee?Image result for adulting is a lot of we should hang out

It’s real easy to blame it one person but the truth is adulting issa lot. Priorities change, schedules become hectic but the love for your friend doesn’t diminish. Which is why all parties involved need to put in effort and find a solution that works for them. My other friends and I have a WhatsApp group where we pray for each other, vent and make plans to meet up monthly. Social media is great in that it makes you feel like you are actively involved in your friend’s life no matter the distance. My favourite effort to make is the catch up date. This date can be whenever you are both free and any and every topic is covered and next thing you know it’s been three hours, you have laughed till you were on the floor. Best part you are ready to face reality.

My friend lives in Cape Town so whenever  I’m in town, we plan a catch up.
Benefits of catch up dates
  1. Puts less pressure to talk everyday
  2. Great stress relief
  3. A reminder of why you became friends in the first place
  4. The fastest way to catch up and be up to date on what’s happening in each other’s lives
  5. Provides a much needed break from adulting
This friend mine has been in my life for 19 years. Although we live in the same city we plan monthly catch ups

My favourite kind of catch up date is when your friend lives out of town so you have to go visit them or they come to you. Just a reminder as necessary as a catch up is, cancelling isn’t personal either, rescheduling is always an option. I once had to cancel a road trip but thankfully my friend could pop by for a lazy lunch that turned it to dinner catch up. It was all good till they shared all I had missed out on. So what are some of the ways that you make sure you stay up to date with your friends? Do you guys plan trips or mini reunions? Are partners allowed? Be sure to let me know in the comments section I always enjoy hearing from you.




4 thoughts on “The Joys Of Catch Up Dates

  1. So get this. Life is always so hectic. I always try and do a monthly catch up or a quarterly catch up with friends over coffee or shopping. 🍵😉

  2. Impromptu catch-ups are the absolute best. Life is so busy. It’s important to make time for the people who matter. It keeps us sane 😊

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