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Its Our 1st Birthday!!

I am super excited to have reached this milestone, I consider writing a bridge for people to enter my creative space. That’s why finally launching a blog came with months of planning and a lot of “ bazo thini abantu syndrome?” –what will people say.

“If you want it go for it, take a risk or you will die wandering”

The Journey to Sandy’s Place

Many people won’t know that I had a blog on BlogSpot many, many moons ago but after a few months I stopped writing. Skip to 2017 and I am reading the year of yes and trying to manage my depression by doing things that bring me peace and joy. Writing was top of my list, so was singing and cooking but the former few knew about. This led to me reading some of my old posts from my old blog and with some encouragement from friends I started planning how to launch my own blog.

It takes a village

Let me just say that there are too many people to mention individually that have been my pillars of support and encouragement but some people deserve a shout out. Cheri has been honestly the most instrumental person ever, when I told her of my idea she hooked me up with two awesome bloggers. Bloggers who would mentor me and give me some great advice. Then when a friend of mine was busy coding my website and her laptop crashed Cheri hooked me up with someone who did my website for me( shout to king Luke, lol). She has also been a great sounding board and even editor in between her hectic schedule at work. When it came to deciding a name for the blog three friends said Sandys Space and even pointed out the alliteration but I actually read all three messages incorrectly and chose the other option (I don’t believe in coincidences). Shout out to Kim who added all our friends as subscribers all they had to do was confirm the email, we all need supportive friends mine not only have the job of sharing my posts, they edit and sometimes model (at a moment’s notice) for Sandys place,


“After all the tears, the hard work, pushing through the doubt she made  it through to end the of the rainbow and suddenly it all made sense”- Sandisiwe

My personal highlights

For me it’s not about the numbers, not saying that I have not enjoyed the ongoing substantial growth that I have been experiencing. Please continue sharing the links, subscribing and commenting.It’s about the days my anxiety has had me by the choke hold and said do you know how many bloggers there are and that the age of the micro influencer is polarised (yep my anxiety is a well-read investigative irritation) Yet I chose to pursue my dreams anyway. My highlight is that we are a year into it but only just at the tip of the Iceberg. I am excited to announce dear awesome people that this Month I launch Sandy’s place the vlog edition!!!!

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9 thoughts on “Its Our 1st Birthday!!

  1. Congratulations on the milestone, I also started blogging on Blogger and things didn’t go well for me and stopped. Last year Feb I went back at it but only moved to WordPress this year Feb and I’ve got to say I’m enjoying it this side.

    1. Thanks Thabang I’m glad you came back to blogging. WordPress is definitely amazing. Here’s to growing our blogs and smashing our goals

  2. Happy 1-year anniversary Sandy’s Place. Looking forward to new insightful and exciting content! 🎂🍷🍸🍹

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