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6 things you need to consider before starting a blog

Now that we are a year older, I thought I finally have some level of authority on what you need to do to launch your own blog.  Full confession: I am quite a spur of the moment kind of girl and the unplanned speech part of my public speaking competition days was my favourite. However when it came to my blog I decided I am going all in and this meant that I needed to plan and take my time and tailor the kind of impact that my brand would have. Below are some of the things I did before I launched my blog.

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  1. Figure out if you want a free site or host

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that free is always the first option. There are some pretty awesome blogger sites available should you wish to choose this option. However, I wanted to own my craft and be able to have some ads or do paid for content. I use elite hosting and I pay under R40 a month for my website and their customer service is super-efficient and my preferred blogging platform is wordpress.

2. Figure out your audience

This was sort of the bane of my existence when it came to the planning of my blog, as it required a certain level of research and time that I thought rather well spent writing up content. However, it paid off, figuring out your audience and what makes them tick will also dictate how you market your blog and your content. If your target market is millennials then using thus and thou (might sound cool in your head) doesn’t translate as well to your audience. Nor does a post on the latest mating ritual of the giraffe (no I do not know if such exists).

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3.Choose a name

Believe it or not figuring out a name for my blog was one of the last things I did. I had originally thought of naming my blog either Kaleidoscope womyn or the kaleidoscope journal. Because my blog was for every kind of women and I wanted to make it my personal online journal. Choosing a name is really important and can sometimes be a deciding factor if people even go onto your blog.

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4. Plan a content calendar 

If you forget everything on today’s post please remember this step! Let’s be honest blogging is a lot of work even more so if you have a nine to five. Organic audience growth will only happen if you post often. For this to happen you need to have content, before I launched I made sure I had a post in each of my categories and two posts a week for  a month worth of content. So before launching sit and plan what you launching and when, it doesn’t have to be a fully fleshed out post. Remember content is King.

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5. Marketing

Whether you want to blog because it’s your therapy or maybe you would like to be a micro influencer, you have to play the game. The social Media game that is, that means creating a facebook, Instagram, twitter, pinterest etc etc page for your blog. You need to be engaging with other bloggers and giving the people what they want. Did I mention blogging is a full time job that is oh so worth it.

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6. Be Kind to yourself

This step is as much for you as it is for Me. Breathe in, enjoy the process and be kind to yourself. All things that are truly worth it take time. You will not wake up with 10 000 readers and followers in one day. Put in the work, surround yourself with a tribe that supports you and remember why you started. It will work out, it takes five years to be an overnight success.

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Thank you so much for your ongoing support in this year, I hope to stumble, fall and grow with you. I hope my advice was helpful. If you have any steps you would like to add or need more advice on starting your blog do let me know on the comments section. Don’t forget to share the link and  subscribe to the blog ( Its free). Most importantly remember to always speak your Truth.




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