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21 Blogpost Ideas

Whether you have bloggers block or are a new blogger and you are looking for some content ideas, I have some great news, you my friend are in the right place. Today I am sharing some blog post ideas, the great thing is that you can even use them for your vlog.

  1. Planners and stationery you are currently loving
  2. How you stay productive tips?
  3. Interview someone you admire
  4. Do a weekly roundup of current affairs
  5. Share some budgeting tips
  6. Do a review on your favourite restaurant?
  7. Your birthday wish list
  8. Your travel wish list
  9. Share your pet peeves
  10. Share your biggest fears
  11. What are your favourite things to do during me time?
  12. What are your guilty –must have purchases?
  13. Who are you following on Instagram for fitness goals inspiration?
  14. List your most read blogs
  15. What have been your blogging errors?
  16. Write on a fashion trend that you are either hating or loving
  17. Do a day to-night makeup tutorial
  18. Do a Q and A on your social media and answer the questions on your blog
  19. Food Prepping Ideas
  20. Favourite breakfast ideas
  21. Some of the most important lessons you’ve learnt
I mean seriously how cool is my bitmoji self??


The list of ideas is endless, hopefully this will help you with topics you want to do and maybe don’t want to do as they do not appeal to your target market. Always remember your audience. I find if I really have nothing to write about then I don’t, our audiences have become smarter and can pick up when a subject feels forced. Thanks for your non-refundable gift that is your time (I truly appreciate it). Do not forget to subscribe to the blog (it’s free) and be the first to know when we host giveaways and post new content.


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