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One thing I did to sleep better

Winter is creeping in slowly but surely, however summer likes to pop in for one last hoorah. As such I have noticed that it’s getting harder and harder to wake up on time. So I had to get real about the fact that I am not sleeping so well and I am sleeping pretty late and there is only once cause.

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That’s right I am one of those people who need to make sure everyone is sleeping.  You see dear reader once I have said goodbye to everyone on WhatsApp. I need to check all my other social apps and check if everyone’s asleep if no one’s hurt or needs me (I am Wonder woman after all).  Then next thing I know it’s an hour later, sometimes two (who are we kidding? Its three hours later).  I am still wide-eyed and I then I struggle to fall asleep. Then as if I enjoy torturing myself in the morning, before I get out of bed, I need to check in and greet the people and see who’s wished me a good day. Somethings has to give right?

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The negative effects of checking the phone before bed

  1. The light from the screens reduces the melatonin ( the hormone controlling our sleep cycle)

  2. You feel more alert and are less likely to fall asleep quickly
  3. Reading bad news or seeing some horrifying pictures or reading a bad email might affect the quality of sleep.

With all these negative effects I did the one thing to help me sleep better. I switched off technological devices thirty minutes before bed. Yep Television too. You know when you watching a series and you like one more episode? Yep dear reader the negative effects of checking the phone are the same with TV.

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So now thirty minutes before bed all technology gets switched off and I read a book or journal. I have found since implementing this that I fall asleep quicker, I am not restless and I have a better quality of sleep. I would be lying if I said there was no anxiety or FOMO in the first couple of days or if some day’s bad habits die-hard. However it is a process and I can see the results and I am getting better with each day. It’s also amazing the many benefits of a great night of sleep can provide. How bad are you with your phone before bed time? Is this a habit you could see yourself changing? I would love to hear from you on the comments section.


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