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Thriving in the Season of Refining

Happy Monday dear readers. As I am adding more and more on my plate, feelings of anxiety creep in but I remember I just need to make my plate bigger. Many of us are fulfilling many roles, wearing different hats and perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed. Well don’t worry your girl has got you and this shot of inspiration is just for you.

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If you are feeling under pressure, stop praying and wishing it away. Diamonds are made under pressure. Instead when in pressure ask what is the lesson? how can I grow and flourish in this pressure? However dear reader for you to become a diamond and not crack: you need to be self aware and patient with yourself. You need to understand, trust the process and know its not an overnight job. So this week come in with a new attitude, look forward to this week, learning to thrive in the refining season, kicking butt and taking names. So right now going in we might be charcoal but at the end we will be Diamonds darling! I hope this shot of inspiration was just what you needed. Remember to always speak your truth.

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