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A night of French Cuisine and friendships

I have always had a fascination with travelling and languages. The three languages I would love to learn are Sesotho, Spanish and French. The last one because it is spoken in so many countries and I have an affinity for wine and cheese. It’s due to this reason that I am part of the French society in East London (Alliance Francaise East London, AFEL).To kick off the social calendar they teamed up with the Appetito School of food to present a cooking / demonstration gastronomic treat. Chef Petro cooked all the meals in front of us and shared some history behind some meals.

Amuse bouche Vol au vent au camembert et noix

I found the cheese tasty and puff pastry super light. The addition of the pecan nuts just made my taste buds do ivosho.

Entrée Timbale d’épinards avec une crème au parmesan

Honestly this was just a creamed spinach that went to private school. It was also one of the recipes that I found super easy to follow and could see myself preparing it at our next come dine with me night. It also hit all the right notes with my taste buds. Any dish with cheese is  a win from me!

Salade-Frisee aux lardons

The lettuce was crisp and all the ingredients were fresh. I must be honest I don’t often eat at night. I found myself getting full as I was nibbling on the baguette that was on the table. Whilst watching Petro prepare the main meal.

Plat Principal-Aligot, Médaillon de filet de boeuf, champignons et échalotes mijotés dans le jus de boeuf

This was the piece de resistance of the night. The meat made me realise why I can only do vegan and vegetarian days and not completely convert. The Aligot -mash potatoes with cheese inside (a dish I had been making at home without knowing it had French origins). Cooking it is quite the arm work out. I am a huge fan of  mushrooms and they were cooked in beef jus the entire meal together was absolutely divine. Finger licking good, like nom nom, can you think of any other descriptions? Well add them right here. Oh that fullness previously mentioned of? All but forgotten.


Dessert- Galette aux pommes et calvados , creme fraiche 

I am a chocolate fiend and always say I look at desert as either chocolate or the absence of chocolate. When there is a dessert that doesn’t consist of chocolate my sweet tooth always does a little sigh. However I quite enjoyed this and wanted seconds and thirds. Which was not to be as I was already full. I will admit that this dessert converted me perhaps there are other deserts besides chocolate.

I was so impressed with Petro and her school of food that offers catering, weddings, tailor made corporate functions that I am considering having her cook for my 30th birthday shindig. Be sure to check out their facebook page for more information. What lovely food experiences have you taken your taste buds on recently? I would love to hear  and I am always open to suggestions the food lover in me appreciates it. Be sure to share the link and don’t keep Sandy’s-place a secret. Until next time dear readers!

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