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The 6 Most asked blogging questions

Molweni! When I decided to get into blogging I knew there were many fish in this sea but I have also come to realise there are still many people who do not know what a blog is and what it’s all about.  That’s why today I thought let me compile some of the most common questions I get frequently asked, perhaps this will encourage a newbie blogger or someone who is deciding to take the plunge.

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1. Where do you get ideas for all your blog posts?

I chuckle whenever I get this question, because honestly anything and everything can inspire me. It could be a book I am reading which will then become a book review, a restaurant I eat at, a conversation with a friend or a line from a movie. As a writer inspiration can hit us anywhere so always keep a notebook or phone handy, just remember that whatever it is it has to be relevant to your audience.

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2. Can you make money from blogging?

Yes definitely, it is the age of the micro influencer. However in my opinion focus on growing your brand, find your voice and your niche then the money. Once brands approach you and you haven’t found your niche you might align yourself with any brand that might conflict with your values and people might stop buying whatever you are selling. Besides brand collabs, you can place ads on your site and you can join an affiliate programme.

3. How do I promote my blog/ how do I get traffic?

Blogging is a full time job and if you are serious you will have to spend time learning about SEO (search engine optimization) and all that entails. I always advise with start with what you have, like when you post, share it on Facebook and tag your friends who then will tag their friends.  I often promote my blog through Facebook ads, I am also part of blogger communities on my various social media platforms. Always make your content is of good quality and relatable and people will come back and share the link.

4. How long should my blog posts be?

This will depend on your audience, your writing style and the topic at hand. I try to write about five hundred words no more than seven hundred but if the content is worth whilst then I can go over. However when it comes to my inspire Mondays they are meant as a shot of inspiration I like to keep it under two hundred words. We are a visual generation do not forget to add some pictures or gif to keep people entertained.

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5. How often should I post

I  do not think there is a correct one size fits all answer for this type of question. You will need to consider your audience, the purpose of your blog and your schedule. You cannot be a current affairs blog and post once a month. Consistency is key to getting and keeping loyal readers. I try to post twice a week but when life and writers block get in the way, I don’t post for the sake of posting, remember your reputation and readers are smart. This is why a content calendar is so important, trying to plan a month or two in advance. I also like looking what’s celebrated in each month like  International day of no dieting, the day of girl child in science and family day.

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6. How do you balance work, life and blogging?

The honest answer to this is I don’t, you see balance means having an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. Thing is I do not want to remain steady I want to improve and reach greater heights. This means some days I pay more attention to other parts of my life, some days it means I neglect those closest to me to focus all of my energy on blogging. Anything that matters requires sacrifice and the rewards are worth it. Also it means now I am more selfish with my time and appreciate my relationships more.

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I hope todays Q&A was helpful, if you have any more questions be sure to drop me your questions on the comments section. Do not forget to share the link and subscribe to the blog (it’s free).


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