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Choose to hold on just a little longer

Hello my awesome readers! Today in my little corner of inspiration I want to speak to people who are at a point where they are thinking enough is enough. Where they feel like they have pushed through the pain too many times, their dreams have been rejected just too many times. People who are at a place where they are saying perhaps it’s time to recalculate and change routes. On this Choose day I am saying Choose to hold on just a little lounger push through the doubt.

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When I came up with today’s post it was by hearing of the story of Catherine Hettinger: The Fidget spinner creator. She came up with the invention in the eighties and lost the patent to it in 2005. Meaning she missed out on making millions on her now highly popular invention.

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“There’s so much no” in the industry…….Maybe it’s not for me. Maybe I should go back to law school instead of dragging my family with me”Gal Gadot before receiving the call for Wonder Woman

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I definitely was in a place of despair,” she explains. “I was crying on the subway all the way home, and not like, loud, audible crying, but the tears, the ones where you just can’t stop them from coming down your face. I just couldn’t stop it. I was sitting on the train, and I said to myself, ‘this is it, I’m done.’ I had never in my life before quit. Then, 45 minutes later, I got home and I got a phone call. I’ll never forget it for my entire life” Uzo Aduba on getting the call for Orange is the new black.

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So today decide to breathe, dig in and hold on a little longer. Yes I am talking to you. As always thanks for your non-refundable gift that is your time. Remember to always speak your truth.



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  1. I never knew the back story of the fidget spinner, it puts so much into perspective. Too often we see the victories and never hear of the monents where people consider quitting… Thanks for this post

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