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Exhilarating, scary: My first Bungee jump at the Soweto towers

Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. Yep it is the line from one of the greatest songs ever. However it also describes how I felt before I jumped. Confused? Let me take you back to the beginning. A friend of mine moved to Johannesburg and we never had the opportunity say our goodbyes. Almost a year later we decided a meet up was way overdue. Not one to do things on a small scale we decided to plan an epic long weekend which included: you guessed it, jumping off the Soweto towers.

Can tell you tell how nervous I am? and how carefree my friend who pulled out is?
Oh but why Sandi?…..

I have always wanted to bungee at Bloukrans and we have been planning to go but it hasn’t happened. So I thought let me get my feet wet and do this bungee sort of see if I have what it takes. On the morning of the jump my friend told me she was no longer doing it, which I understood fear of heights is something we both share. However I had decided I am doing it, no turning back so I amped myself up. I told her we start with the jump before I chicken out and off we went.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to quit a million times before I got there, but I kept telling myself it’s not that high and this will make for a great story and blogpost. Like the wonder woman that I am, I was amped, excited, a bundle of nervous and all other emotions. On approach reality sunk in but I also distracted myself with the beautiful artwork on the towers. When we arrived at the towers my blood was pumping I was excited, Nobantu, the lady who helped me process everything was like you sounded so excited on the phone: just proves it fake it till you make it.

I loved how gorgeous, fearless and colour coded these ladies were
Last chance to quit….

I was jumping with two other awesome ladies who were on the same rollercoaster of emotions as myself. When we got into the lift it all became real and that Eminem song became louder in my head, I was shouting my will to my friend. Told her to tell my mom that I love her. As the lift went up I refused to look down just focused on the towers and not pulling out. The other ladies were also laughing as a form of stress relief, I was too busy having a meeting in my head. I told myself there is a greater reward in conquering your fears than bowing to them. We were asked who would jump first, I shot up my hand saying I need to get this over and done with before my brain realised what I was doing. To my despair once we were out of the lift there were still stairs to climb (the wind wasn’t helping) then fear set in. I had to walk across the bridge and I was like I am scared can someone hold my hand but I had to walk alone. On that same bridge where I am convincing myself not to look down, I was also applauding myself and telling myself the quickest way down is to bungee. The final stop over arrived, where they put on the rope and tell you how to jump, say your last words in to the camera. Mine were I am scared but excited. I had a smile and giggle to mask the thousands of thoughts rushing through my head. The last one was does my mom know what I’m doing? Does she know she raised such a free spirited woman? Then ladies and gentlemen came the big moment. I put my toes over the ledge as instructed held on to the guys to which they put my arms out straight like they needed to be. I looked below and around me and as many thoughts came over me a little voice said look at you, so proud. Outside I was busy begging the guys to push me (one has to jump you cannot be pushed, it’s against company policy). The countdown happened and honestly I still cannot believe it I jumped!

what if I fall? what if you soar?……

It took me three seconds to realise I wasn’t dead and that although I felt my heart almost fall out of my throat this was the best decision ever. It honestly was a short jump, the experience will last me a lifetime. The adrenaline rush that follows had me wanting to jump all over again! Shout out to the friendly, professional and efficient staff of Soweto towers. Next is Bloukrans and skydiving. Here’s to having a staring competition with your fears and more leaps of faith. Have you jumped from the towers? What’s on your bucket list? Be sure to leave it in the comments section I always enjoy hearing from you.

*The jump is R630 photos are R100 the video is R170, I chose video cause video  killed the radio star and it’s more memorable. Still not convinced that I did it? Well watch the video and watch.

8 thoughts on “Exhilarating, scary: My first Bungee jump at the Soweto towers

  1. Wow I respect you for that, i have been wanting to bungee jump for years but the fear in me is very load even reading through your experience it just shivers me. I guess this will be always in my bucket list.

    1. Thank you, your support is appreciated. I am glad you enjoyed the video, I still watch it and go wow I really did that.

        1. I sure did it goes along the lines of I risked, life, limb and sanity and jumped. I think we should get such certificates for adulting

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