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Four things to consider before changing careers

I don’t know whether it’s a culmination of reading Becoming or Lean in or the fact that I would really like a career in writing but changing careers has been on my mind. How many of you are stuck in a job that you’ve worked hard getting into, yet you are not getting fulfilled in it? I had a friend who said she was taking a month sabbatical to figure out if she was still enjoying her career or she was due a change.  If anything I enjoy my current job and the benefits are good, the culture is great and I am challenged. Still I want to pursue something else, a cause that feels bigger than myself. Today’s post won’t have all the answers but it will definitely be a guideline on what to consider before changing careers.

1. The real reason you want to change

Sometimes our current job is so toxic or problematic that we are too busy focusing on what we are running away from and not we are running into. This could lead to us making all kinds of bad decisions. Which is why before leaving you need to ask yourself what are the real reasons for wanting to make a career change?

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2. Who and where you are currently

It’s all good and well knowing who you would like to be a year from now. Which is perhaps why you want to change careers. You need to consider who you are now. What are the current qualifications and skills you possess?  What is the best kind of environment that you thrive in? I would encourage meeting up with someone in the new career you want to pursue and reading as much as possible.

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3. Consider the finances

What are you currently earning? What is the entry level salary of the career you want to go in? Any debts that need to be settled before making that huge leap? All of these things need to be considered perhaps your job provides a great medical aid and once you take that leap you might have to forego those benefits.

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4. Set a date

Once you have all the other steps set a date. No turning back. A deadline makes it real

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I think changing careers is such a leap of faith so jump with your eyes opened. Are you thinking of switching careers or perhaps you already switched? Please tell me of the process, I would love to hear from you. As always thank you for the non-refundable gift that is your time.

1 thought on “Four things to consider before changing careers

  1. Career changing moves can be scary and intimidating. But always good to remember that as they say “find something you love doing and you will never work a day in your life!”

    It is important to follow one’s dreams but let’s remember that at the end of the day, we still need to earn a living!

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