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Balancing act: Chasing your dreams, maintaining 9-5

I am surrounded by amazing womxn. They are kicking behinds and taking names in their different fields, whilst juggling other roles. Others are pursuing their dreams and trying to make their own paths whilst managing a nine to five or are taking the leap of faith and going solo. Today I want to focus on the former, those holding a nine to five and pursuing their dreams.

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This topic is personal to me because I am the girl. I am holding a nine to five whilst pursuing my writing career. Often we see people saying as long as you have a safety net you won’t pursue your dreams with the same vigour. I agree there is an element of truth to that statement but it’s not the whole truth and there’s nothing wrong with a safety net. So when the going gets tough I just want you to remember the below

Be Disciplined

You are managing two dreams here, yours and your bosses. As a result of that you will have to be disciplined with your time. This means that anything that distracts you will need to go, yep that app you want to log into right now, delete it. Have a vision for your dream and set obtainable objectives.

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You are not going to have the same hours as someone pursuing their goals as their nine to five. This should be obvious dear readers but not always. You see social media and seeing others around you flourish will have you excited for them but wondering why am I slacking? This is why it’s great to have friends to remind you that you do not have the same time as everyone.

Celebrate your wins

Best way to keep motivated is to celebrate those little wins. This act of kindness to self serves both as an inspiration and gage of how far you are.

Ava Duvernay is quickly becoming my best friend like Shonda Rhimes, just like Shonda she doesn’t know of my existence. Not only is she a formidable force but she is living proof that you can manage your nine to five whilst pursuing your dreams. She kept her publicist job for her first three films. I hope this post helps you hold on a little longer and continue the balancing act for one more day. Are you currently balancing a nine to five whilst pursuing your dreams? Be sure to let me know of your experiences in the comments section. Don’t forget to subscribe (it’s free) and please share the link, don’t keep Sandy’s place a secret. 🙂





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