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5 Reasons it’s great to do things Solo

Ever heard that saying, that once there’s a WhatsApp group for something it’s probably not going to happen? Come on stop playing coy you know what I mean. Think that family get together, that reunion, that girl’s trip, I could go on. This is one of the many reasons I sometimes enjoying doing things solo. I however will run into people and they give me a quizzical look or say something worthy of a meeting between my palm and their face. So today’s post is to encourage you to try something solo or have a list of responses when Karen asks why you dining alone?


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  1. Spontaneity

    As great as it is to go out with friends, due to our schedules and the many roles we play planning a get together is a lot of admin. This means who is spontaneity, why is spontaneity and how is spontaneity. Often on a Friday night after a long week I will decide it would be great to catch a movie and dinner and off I go, no hassles no fuss and lots of fun.

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  2. Meet more people

    when we go out in a group it’s very seldom that you will start a conversation with strangers. Doing a solo outing gives you an opportunity to meet new people who share an interest of yours. So instead of dragging your friends to that arts exhibition go on your own you might find some art enthusiasts there.

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  4. You can try new things

When you are all on your own you don’t have to be considerate of people’s phobias or likes and dislikes. You can try out things that you have never tried beforehand.

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  1. Empowering

Believe it or not there’s a certain power that comes from being able to do new things alone and not in a group. Whether it’s learning a new language, travelling alone or go to dinner alone. Changing things up allows us to see things in a different perspectives.

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  1. Get comfortable with being by yourself

This is my favourite thing about doing things alone. No lies first few times it’s kind of intimidating and weird especially if you are a people person such as myself. Once you get accustomed to it, it’s the best of times. I get to sit with my thoughts, I even journal while I wait for dinner. I really just get to be present in the moment.


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Whether you an introvert, extrovert etc. I hope today’s post is that push out the door you needed. In the day of squads and tribes it’s okay to do things solo. Do you ever do things solo and what has been your experience be sure to let me know in the comments section. Be sure to share the link do not keep this awesome sight a secret. Until next time xx.

                                  ” Enjoy your own company “







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