Old Selbornian Wine and Food festival {Review}

Hey there amazing readers! here’s hoping October has been treating you well as you can tell it has been a busy month hence the silence. I was invited to the Old Selbornians Club premier Wine and Food festival held on the 4th and 5th October. The brain child of Lorna Hudson ( owner of Blenz Wine Boutique) and Andrew Jenkins (manager at the Old Selbornian Club).They informed me that they were of the view that life is stressful.  So host a great event in a safe venue so people can have fun. Oh and what fun we had!

“There’s always time for a glass of wine” 

With so many wine estates available a girl was spoiled for choice. There was Leopards leap, Namaqua, Imbuko wines and so much more. If you know me you then you know I love my Merlot, Pinotage and occasionally a Shiraz. Which is why I was genuinely surprised when the Mt Vernon wooded Chardonnay tried to convert me and won. It’s no wonder since it’s a premium wine with peach and citrus tasting notes.  Shelley the ever friendly and informative wine agent told me how the Andiamo was popular on the evening and was sold out immediately.

I also tried out Old road wines, it was my first time hearing of them. They are from Franschhoek and each wine is named after locals. An example of this is the Anvil which is named after a blacksmith.  I had their divine Pinotage with berry and plum notes.Another wine estate that I had never heard of was the Raka wine estate. Found in Stanford it’s one of the most southerly wine estates. Having roots in squid fishing (they haven’t stopped) it’s no wonder that some of their blends have fishing terms. An example is their spliced merlot blend that I tried.  I also tasted their Quinary (meaning consisting of 5) it was a delicious blend of Merlot, Malbec, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Special mention goes to the Mellasat White Pinotage. Made from red grapes with the juices separated immediately from the skins. As a lover of Pinotage I quite enjoyed the lighter textured variant, good for a summer’s day. I also tasted their Tempranillo which is soft like a Merlot with more berries and cherries undertones. I was informed they are one of only seven wineries in South Africa that produce one hundred percent Tempranillo, producing only five barrels a year.

These sisters said they were enjoying their evening so much, it felt like they were on a mini holiday.


The food

There was quite a variety of food stalls available to tickle your taste buds. There was Mexican Food (a girl had to get some cheesy nachos), private chef Anna (the fusion bowl was out of this world). There were oysters paired with Prosecco. For the adventurous pallets there were creamy garlic snails I was told they were great and my new friends unsuccessfully tried to get me to live a little. I found the couple who own the local Proudly Wild Coast Herb Infused snails so friendly and great for the local community, by creating employment, with their 100% organically sourced and herb infused snails. You can find them on facebook.


The vibe

It was a mixture of the friendliest East London people I had yet to encounter. I saw old friends and made new friends.  Where there was the whisky, gin tasting and bar there was also a dance floor .where after 9, once the tastings were done the Dj had everyone getting down. The music catered to everybody and seldom was dancefloor empty honestly most people said they felt like dancing the whole night, most stayed behind.

Yay or Nay

Definitely a Yay, I had a great time at the event and I tasted new wines I hadn’t heard of before. I really found the food varied and well matched with the wines. What really stood out for me was the facebook ads that created momentum for the event. They had useful tips for first time wine tasters, gave more information on the wine estates. I was informed by BRenda Jenkins the social media ads were handled by Lecia Amarel. Here’s to many more wine tasting events and great memories. Were you at the event? what stood out the most for you? I always enjoy hearing from you on the comments section.

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