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The 7 types of rest you need to try out today

“Invest in your rest

Hello friends, so we are deep in it the last quarter of the year and damn is your girl drained.  I went through a period that no matter how much sleep I was giving myself I still woke up dragging my feet. Till I came across a post about the seven types of rest. My brain was like wait what? There are seven types of rest? Like an entire seven?  To say my mind was blown is an understatement. I consider myself the self-care queen.  So I tasked myself with reading some articles and taking quizzes. Then I thought why not share this info with my circle (You of course) you’re welcome!

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According to Dr Saundra Dalton-Smith, author of Sacred Rest: Recover your life, renew your energy, renew your sanity. Humans needs seven types of rest. She argues that sleep and rest are not the same thing. With this in my mind she says we need to identify which energy we use every day and seek to restore it.

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  1. Physical rest

This one we can all identify with, it is the most common one. It is the forever tired, aching body, feeling sluggish. To restore ourselves all we need to do is sleep or try out some restorative yoga.

  1. Mental rest

You know the saying “lights are on but nobody’s home”? If that and your brain is frozen and you need to hit the refresh button resonates with you. Then you are in mental deficit. You will often find that sleep isn’t helping that feeling go away. What you need to do is quiet your mind, jot down the nagging thoughts. Plan breaks throughout your day that will give you mental breaks, try meditation.

  1. Spiritual rest

My warning signs for when I am in spiritual deficit, I constantly say I feel off center. This is when we need to engage in something much greater than ourselves. To restore yourself you need to volunteer to help others. What also works for me is listening to Gospel music, listening to a sermon, reading my bible and a hike in nature.

4. Emotional rest

For this rest to be achieved you need to check your circle. Who are the people who drain you and who are the people who revive you? To achieve this rest you need to hang out with the people who revive you (think girls night). Therapy is also a great way to get this type of rest.

  1. Sensory rest

We live in a world where our senses are over stimulated 24/7. Often resulting in our eyes being strained, neck hurting and bad posture and sensory overload. So to restore oneself we just need to put away the technological devices, switch off the screens.  Switch off that music and just be still. Also throughout your day try closing your eyes for five minutes and just switching off. I know this is a hard one cause there is always something demanding our attention.

  1. Social rest

For this rest we just need to get out of our heads for a bit. A change in scenery and routine. Hanging out with friends or taking part in a group activity will restore us.

  1. Creative rest

This rest is to restore the childlike wonder and the appreciation of the beauty that is life. If you are feeling like everything is grey then you are in need of this rest. Dr. Dalton-Smith suggests going to an art show, reading a book to restore oneself. Also add some art and some creative things in and around your office.

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I do hope that today’s post is helpful for you and that you try out the different types of rest and let me know in the comments section below. I know it’s easy to say we do not have the time to try all these things or read a novel. However we do not have time for chronological exhaustion and all the illnesses that it brings. We are deserving of healing and operating at our best. Thanks as always for the non-refundable time that is your time

“Rest is as important as working hard”








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