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Finish strong

As we head into the last few weeks of the year and we near that we’ll deserved break from work. It’s pretty normal to be suffering from year end fatigue. It’s normal to be reflective and see how many goals you achieved and you didn’t.

On this inspire Monday I want you to dig deep and finish strong. This year might have started well but like the Rollercoaster that it is, it might have knocked the wind out of us unexpectedly more often than we would like to admit. Who knows that our count of surviving bad days is 100. So you have it in you. Congratulate yourself for the wins, lean into the failures and learn from them. Breathe in and finish strong so you can enjoy that much deserved break and family time.


You have it in you to do more than just show up for the last few days of 2019. You still have time to smash some goals.

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