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2020 the year of plenty and vision

Welcome to 2020! I hope you entered this decade with all the ambition, love, happiness and joy you could carry. I am already back at the plantation, two weeks in and my brain has finally also joined me. As most of you might know, I don’t really blog in January using this time to plan my sites calendar for the year. I also use this time to see what worked last year and what didn’t, so bare with me and weekly posting will resume in February.

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The year of breaking generational curses and praying prayers that scare me

Every year I set goals and I set a theme for that year, spoiler alert not all goals are reached. Last year I started setting a theme and last years theme was Intentional living, hence a few post spoke to that. Late last year I turned 30 and I decided to start early with my theme. So this year I break all generational curses and I am praying prayers that scare me for every facet of my life.

Sandy’s place 2020

This year my blog turns two! I am super excited about this milestone. I am working behind the scenes to make sure that I produce content that is relevant, encourages you to take off your mask and hopefully laugh. I hope you are ready for this year and all that it brings, thank you for being part of my online journey. Get comfy because it’s about to be an amazing year.

Oh the places you will go…….


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