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Be Inspired To Love More

Hello Friends, welcome to the month of Love. I figured to go in line with the theme of love this month let me share some quotes that will inspire you to love more. Not just the romantic love but love for self, friends and life.

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Image result for quotes on self love

This Month ,and every other month, I hope we are this type of friend.

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I hope that right from the beginning of the month we remember what it’s all about, to love and be loved. May we operate from love and empathy in our dealings with others. If today’s post resonated with you be sure to share the link and subscribe. Thank you for your ongoing support for my little corner of the world.


  • CJ

    Love of self is soo important. I sometimes feel like we hurt ourselves so much because we trying tk be the right kind of love for someone else. If you fall inlove with yourself and love yourself first, you will become a better version for someone else to love. Just my 2 cents.

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