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Light at the end of the tunnel- things to do during load shedding

Ah load shedding, that random guy in your DMs who just won’t leave you alone, has returned😒. Considering how much we need electricity it is no wonder we go through a whole range of emotions when you hear that dirty word. However I have decided to focus on the positive and write up about things we can do whilst there’s load shedding.

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Power nap

See what I did there? there is no power so you nap, come on it’s a little funny😁. Seriously we barely get to rest so if load shedding happens in the evening, I take it as a sign to have an early night. If you take the nap during the day be sure to set the alarm you do not want to wake up from your nap and we are already in the next decade.

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Read a book

Get out your LED light, torch or candle and catch up on a good book. As a book worm whose a slave to adulting this is one of the things I do when there is load shedding.

Game time


Pull out thirty seconds, monopoly and any game that tickles your fancy and gather some friends and have fun. Go out doors into nature go hiking. Surprise the kids and show them the games you played outside that didn’t require cellphones or tablets.


what better excuse to bring some friends together and have a bring and braai. The bonus is that you get to have good food but also the time spent with friends relaxing and laughing.

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Get creative

Having no electricity suddenly clears your schedule, you can finally try out painting, scrap booking or playing a puzzling. Basically you are only limited by your imagination.

Catch up

This is a great time  to catch up on some cleaning, laundry that needs to be folded and throwing out all hoarded goods. Should load shedding happen at the office this is a great time to catch up on the boring admin.

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Don’t forget to prepare

It’s all good and well to look on the bright side and figure out how to spend your dark days but we need to prepare. Who knows no one keeps the time like the guy who does load shedding. Be sure to get the app that lets you know when it is scheduled in your area and be sure to do the following:

  • Charge batteries
  • Charge phones
  • Keep torches and candles
  • Before load shedding commences boil water and keep it in a flask
  • Switch off plugs and disconnect to avoid possible power surge when electricity returns
  • Download series onto your phone, so you can watch during load shedding

I truly hope this situation whether it’s the wet coals ( seriously😒), sabotage or fairies gets sorted soon. I can’t imagine the effect it has on businesses especially small businesses. I hope that people do not lose their jobs. If you have found this post useful, be sure to let me know in the comments. Share your own tips as well ,always eager to learn.Don’t forget to subscribe ( it’s free😎) and share the link do not keep this awesome site a secret. Until next times loves, stay safe.



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