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How to live life fully ( the good, the bad and the messy)

Two weeks ago the world was rocked by the sudden passing of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gigi  the Altobelli  family Payton Chester and her mom. A tragedy like that knocks the very breath out of you. One never gets used to death, even though its the only way out. I have to say you do not have to be a sports fan to grieve with the families, their passing was a reminder of how fragile our lives are. Right in the middle of life it can come to an end.

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Before I go down that pit of grief I want to write about today’s post living our lives to the fullest. As is with all deaths they make you re-examine your own life. From the conversations I have had I have realized how young Kobe was and how much he had achieved in that life time and how much more he wanted to achieve. It makes one wonder what’s stopping us?

Leaning into to life and living fully ……

I will never pretend to speak for the deceased but we can agree, legends who accomplish a lot are set apart. In that they understand life is short, we are not guaranteed wins. In addition there are no short cuts and hard work is mandatory.To my knowledge we get one shot in this  life thing. Once we truly accept this true living begins. For all those still trying to make sense of these deaths or any other losses, here is my two cents on living fully.

  • Let go of the idea that anyone owes you anything- even happiness is not owed to you. You can create your own and share it.
  • It is our duty to be present in each moment no matter how painful, uncomfortable or messy, it’s all we have.
  • We need to be open to learning the lesson so that we don’t repeat the class ( for all those who feel like they are experiencing groundhogs day with some situations ask what is the lesson?).
  • Hard work is unavoidable it comes with the package , so is sacrifice and failure.
  • It is OK to lick your wounds and feel the pain.
  • You are allowed to have impossible dreams and follow them.
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I am no guru ( despite my own hype do not believe it), I do believe though we intrinsically know what it will take for us to live fully.So go out there make that decision and follow through. You owe yourself the future you dream of. How do you ensure that you live life fully despite the setbacks? let me know in the comments section. If you found this post relevant please share the link and subscribe.


  • Malibongwe

    Living fully requires that we make that decision everyday not just on some days and not just when things are going our way. Thanks for the inspiration.


    I think you’ve really touched on some important issues pertaining to life and the living of the life. Personally I think it takes a great deal of focus to remain in the consciousness of life in its entirety. It is very easy to fall into the trap of living in the situation or experience that dominates your life at any particular moment or epoch. And therein lies the danger that we view a lot of the experiences in perpetuity and ultimately lose sight of the other facets of life. I agree fully with the notion of taking a step back to re-evaluate and employ an overarching perspective especially when we are down in the doldrums or the throes of dizzying happiness so as to centre ourselves with our feet firmly on the ground. It is truly tragic when we become engulfed in just one facet of life when there’s an entire kaleidoscope that is life.

    • Sandisiwe

      Beautifully said. Being conscious for the entirety of life is an intentional decision. It’s also a hard one cause it means you show up for it all, the good and the ugly and the messy but atleast we will have lived.This year I’ve taken measures to ensure when I start getting lost, I do things to Centre myself find my feet. I am a work in progress

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