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You can’t cheat life

I grew up wanting to be a motivational speaker come life coach, thinking I could write self help books from my limited 16 year life. Before you laugh with me there’s more. I believed that from the books I had read, life experiences I had gone through. Which I had semi dealt with, rape growing up around abuse I could help others dodge it or learn the lesson quicker.Now you can laugh with me.

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 Since we are not teenagers you don’t need to tell me what a pipe dream this is. After many therapy sessions and my own unlearning sessions I now realize how premature the idea was. Not only was my  idea noble, that of helping people cope with life’s traumas and not suffer for  years like I did, but my real intention was to create a cheat book for me. However life the great teacher she is has taught me no one gets out of this unscathed or alive. Life is about leaning in and be present in every moment.

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So this inspire Monday I want you to challenge yourself to go through the emotions. Feel everything don’t run to the nearest take out place, don’t hide in the latest Netflix series. Take time to feel and process it. If you want a life fully lived it demands that you live it all

**Disclaimer autobiographies and self help books do help us learn from others mistakes but they are not an escape route or cheat book.

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