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Coping mechanisms for the Corona Virus

Hello loves. I would be remiss not to write on the Corona virus. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, tired of hearing about it, genuinely panicking or buying the last of hand sanitizers and masks. We just cannot run away from it. So I thought let me write down some of my dos and don’ts in this time of uncertainty.

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Practice social distancing

This term has been trending for a whilst now and I doubt most of us have a full understanding. Social distancing means keeping a distance between you and other people. When around people we should try to keep a minimum of 3 feet distance. Other ways of achieving social distancing is

  • Avoiding public transport (what about the people who survive on public transport?)
  • Minimize contact with people
  • Limit non-essential travelling
  • Work from home
  • Skip social gatherings
  • Avoid crowded areas

Social distancing helps limit the ability of the virus to spread. It does not mean social isolation we are hard wired for connection, use technology to connect.

Educate, spread awareness

Not many of us have a full understanding on what this virus is, how it spreads and how to protect ourselves and others. I have found WHO website very insightful. Once we know better we need to do better and educate others around us. This I believe will help with the panic. Also before you start stockpiling masks and gloves educate yourself on them. Some of you, your ignorance, and your need to be relevant is showing.

Boost your immune system

It is essential to curb the stress and anxiety with keeping healthy. Find ways to exercise and eat healthy. We are heading into flu season make sure to get your recommended dose of Vitamin C. Speak to your doctor about other ways to protect you and your family.

Spread some hope

There are little ones around us, who cannot fully grasp this pandemic and they are taking cues from us. Honestly it is okay to laugh, some of us cope through humor, and in no way is the spread, effect or death of people hilarious. Let us spread some hope and some good cheer these are quite trying times. There are people and celebrities on social media who are doing their bit, whether it is with hosting at home concerts, or reading story books focus your energy on that.

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Socially responsible

If you have traveled out of the country in the last couple of days, please self-isolate for fourteen days and seek medical help. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure this virus doesn’t spread.

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Panic buy

I get it you are worried with all these lock downs and travel bans we might run out of stock. However if you are buying all the hand sanitizers how is everybody else going to stay clean. If you are buying all the food how will others survive and what is with all the toilet paper? This is a great time for us to show our humanity buy what we need and leave the rest for everyone else. Also the huge supermarkets need to regulate and enforce a limit of how much one shopper can buy.


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Spread fake news

Before you share something or repeat it can you please do the socially responsible thing and fact check it? Honestly I am more on the “if I die, I die “spectrum but that doesn’t mean fear mongering is cool.  In addition all these cures for the virus articles aren’t helping they are hugely misleading. Also we see those racist jokes that are being shared under the guise of awareness not cool and this is not certainly the time.

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To end off, I fully get the fear dear readers, this pandemic has been such a reminder of how we are not in control. I would ask that we use this as an opportunity to show our empathy. Furthermore use the lock down time, as time to reflect and spend time with our loved ones. I wish you all some calm, love and peace in these uncertain times. It might not seem like it but things will get better. What are some of the ways that you are coping with this pandemic ? please share on the comments section, I always love hearing from you.





  • Nkosiphendule Ntantala

    This Corona thing is really concerning. Some of us still have to travel around the country.

    • Sandisiwe

      It really is. If you can skype those meetings. Domestic travel is discouraged at least until the end of the state of disaster we are in.

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