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What I learned practicing a month of Affirmations

Affirmations: positive statements that can help you challenge and overcome sabotaging and negative thoughts. Repeated often (you believing in them) can be the start of making positive changes. They are also said to help mitigate the effects of stress. I am sure you have seen enough clips of people listening to and repeating self-affirmations. There have also been numerous articles on them and their positive effects. It’s no wonder your girl had to catch the late train and join the party. In the past I have googled various self-affirmations for my own use but I decided I wanted to write my own and document the effects.

This is my Tuesday ( Choose day) affirmation


The beginning…..

You know the beginning of the year (in our case also the beginning of a new decade), we scream New Year new me! Yet the shine wears off and we back to the old self-deprecating habits. I am always seeking ways to continue living intentionally and wholeheartedly. So I have decided to put in measures to make sure all (most) of my goals are kept and met. Affirmations was one of the measures and I felt I needed to write ones that are personal to me. Also I decided to add some faith element into them. For continuity purposes I made sure I had two weeks’ worth of affirmation, for rotation and for them to sink in.

One of my other personal affirmations


What I learned…..

The first week I really loved it and I saw how my mood improved. I also learnt that my self -critique is really problematic, I have always put it down to realism but no I am negative. Doing self-affirmations really showed me how I was always creating room for things to go bad and I was a breeding ground for negative thoughts. As the schedule got busier I had to learn to prioritize it, I saw and felt the difference in the weeks where I didn’t do them each day.


To Affirm or not to Affirm

Honestly I would recommend that we all do affirmations, whether your own or the ones you get from the internet. They have taught me to be kinder to myself and the need for more positivity. Affirmations help set my mind set for the day and on days where it is more hectic I repeat them every few hours.  I have to note though you can say all the positive things you want but you still need to put in the work. I have also found that I have a joy and peace now no matter how my day turns out. I am smiling from the inside out (no it’s not some new age woo woo) it’s how I genuinely feel. I am really proud of myself and the journey I am on, affirmations have been a reminder that it’s all about progress not perfection.  Do you practice affirmations how do you find them? Be sure to let me know on the comments sections. As always thank you for your non-refundable gift, your time.



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