Meet Phiwo from Perile Cosmetics

Hey there my dear readers! one part of the new things I am bringing in to shake up my content is life profiles💃 . Where we meet people who are living their passions and taking up space. It is my desire that this will inspire at least one person. For our first profile we meet Phiwo Managing director of Perile Cosmetics.

Perile Cosmetics is a skin, hair and home care products manufacturer, who apply sustainable processes to manufacture and use natural and organic ingredients in their formulations. They are passionate about empowering women and men:  you cannot feel good about yourself and not believe in yourself, and you can do anything you put your mind on and nothing can stop you.

What inspired you to start your own skin brand?
I grew up loving taking care of my skin, some girls would spend their last rand on shoes or bags and for me it has always been skin care products. Moreover, because I am always researching and curious about the latest products, tools and procedures in the aesthetic industry, I love sharing that information with others, and learning how other people are taking care of their skin.

 Representation matters, how would you say being a black woman with her own skincare range positively affects your peers?
The black community is on the rise, and black woman are going after their dreams no matter how different they may seem. That inspires me to pursue my dreams, I am inspiring some girls or boys to realize that it is never too late and there is never a ‘right time’ to go after your dreams but now, with the little resources you have.

 What are some of the challenges as a newcomer in your industry?Competing with well-established brands it is not easy, the reality of our industry is that if there is a breakthrough we all try and customize according to our business visions, but sometimes our resources do not allow us.

 What has been the best career advice you have received?
Dive in now, with what you have and commit

 Most rewarding part of your job?

Discovering a unique formulation that actually works always gives me goose bumps, someone getting a solution and my year is made.

What is the best skincare advice you can share with us?
Wash your face twice a day, does not need to be a fancy or expensive wash, and always wear a sunscreen every day.

 Where can one find your products?
We are selling from our online store linked to the Instagram and Facebook accounts, we are also available now at Takelot.

Let us get to know the womyn behind the Bosslady

 If you could have lunch with anyone who would it be and why?

That is not an easy one, there is a lot of people I would like to sit down with and chat, top three:
Khanyi Dhlomo
Joaky Bandzo and Priyanka Chopra

 What was your first job?
I was a marketing communications intern (unpaid internship)

Who is your woman crush Wednesday?
My mother – Matshabalala

What does your self-care routine look like?
Spending time in my bathroom and lounge area, take a good bath with epsom salt, followed by a facial skin care extensive routine. I thereafter meditate and pray and depending on the mood after all those activities, I either sit in silence or read, or journal.

How would you describe a life well lived?
Being at peace with who you are and becoming, spending time your loved ones and having good food.


I would like to thank Phiwo for her time and dedication for this article. How did you find our first profile be sure to let me know in the comments. Do not forget to share the link and subscribe to the blog 😊.


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