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The top 8 books and movies to keep you in high spirits in the time of Corona

Happy Friday and day 8 of Lockdown, how are my fellow apocalyptic earthlings doing? I have decided to use these 21 days as a mixture of time to relax practise self care and growth. To achieve this I decided early on to limit the news and amount of negative posts on my social media. So to add in the positivity wave I thought I would suggest some books or movies to watch that would help uplift ones spirit.


The alchemist

This international best seller is one of my all time favourite books. That’s why in my quest to find my hope (again) for 2020 before Cory became all the rage, I want to reread it. Santiago and his dreams really spoke to me the first time.


The seven habbits of highly effective people

First published in 1989 (all great things come from this year, like me 😏). This self help book presents timeless and universal principles based on character ethic. I first read it as a teenager a reread is truly in order.

I dare you

Written by Joyce Meyers, she explains that life without purpose is not worth living. Right now you might feel like you have lost purpose and cabin fever is settling in, this is the book for you (us).

In conclusion don’t worry about it

This 2017 commencement speech turned book by Lauren Graham. Is said to be for anyone going through a transitional phase where she reminds us to be compassionate, grounded and inspiring.

  1. The pursuit of happiness
  2. The life of Pi
  3. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
  4. Netflix : Self Made. The story of Madame CJ Walker, the first self-made black millionaire.

Whether you find inspiration and hope in comedy, podcasts or just by reading a book. I hope today’s list is somewhat helpful albeit short. Please share some books, jokes, movies podcasts that are keeping your spirits up, I would appreciate it. As always thanks for your non refundable gift that is your time ❤️. Don’t forget to subscribe and share the link. Until next time #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe








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