The Year Of Endurance

Happy Monday dear readers. It goes without saying that this year has pulled the rug right out under everyone’s feet.  Having spent a good deal of my lock down in quiet reflection and contemplation, when I wasn’t stuffing my face. I came out with the idea for today’s shot of inspiration.Top 10 Quotes On Endurance | Endurance quotes, Nature quotes ...

This year isn’t about thriving, it is about surviving. It will require that we run the race with endurance, we will need to hold on to whatever little hope we have and feed it. If we have our health, loved ones, shelter and food that is good enough. Many will suffer with salary cuts or job losses, in the midst of this we need to remind ourselves to endure. So it’s OK if you lost some hope in twenty plenty but don’t stay down. Get up and just take it an hour at a time day by day, slow and steady wins the race🧡.


  • Ntantala Nkosiphendule

    We surely got to reflect and really seek to find that which encourages us to want to live on. Thank you. Nice and sweet.

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