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Surviving this shithole { Book Review}

As a young girl who grew up being “told you speak so well”. “If I just close my eyes I could pretend it’s a white person and my favorite “are you sure you are Xhosa or from South Africa” this book was written for me. It turns out people had it wrong I’m not a coconut but trans-racial. This book is the quintessential guide to converting to the right white side of life.


Coconut Kelz is a young Caucasian woman trapped in a black woman’s body. She lives – and never tries to leave – Sandton and is a staunch member of the DA. She was last spotted on the crossroads of Swart and Gevaar Roads drinking Woolies water and spreading her ‘truth bombs’ .With handy tips for how to achieve the right ,white ,standard of beauty, dealing with your family in the lalies, how to nab yourself a white guy. Kelz offers a complete guide to the Caucasian conversion.

About the Author

Lesego Tlhabi, the brains behind the Coconut Kelz persona, completed a BA honours in theatre at Brunel University in London in 2014 after obtaining a diploma in musical theatre the previous year from the New York Film Academy and a diploma in TV writing from Columbia University.She is a screenwriter and content producer

What I thought

Having been a fan of this witty satirist I honestly couldn’t wait to read her book. It was worth it literal laugh out loud. It was a great break from reality, although the book spoke to reality. No topic was spared and I found her social commentary refreshing. So if you are in need of a good laugh ( I mean who isn’t ?) be sure to get her book or follow her socials.


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