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How I survived lockdown in Gifs

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Hello awesome readers, we are almost at stage 3, I can smell the wine. Before we get there I thought I should share how I survived level 5 lock down,  I came out chubby and glowing.So I thought to myself what better way to do this post then through gifs?

Food glorious food

When this all started I was like I do not see the need for me to over eat. I incorrectly thought that I would eat my regular three meals and snack. 6.5kgs later I can safely say boy was I wrong. Lock down gave me time to cook up a storm whenever I wanted and to eat for the sake of eating. I don’t regret one single braai, burger, chocolate, pasta , cheeseboard, nothing!

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This was such an awesome time for my inner bookworm. I got to read novels and really enjoy character development. Reading provided a much needed escapism.

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A part of me doesn’t even want to mention the exercise cause of the previously mentioned weight gain. However I knew going in that losing weight would be a challenge. I was eating way more than usual and I wasn’t as active. Also whenever I did workout the endorphin release was great chaser of cabin fever.

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Every day was self care day

I will say this: doing a little bit of self care everyday truly helped me. I kept up with my journaling, I took the long baths, did a lot of praying and fasting. The intentional reflection time helped me be honest with myself that this was new territory and it was okay not to be okay and just be present. This time also helped me accept that a lot of plans would need to be put on hold for now.

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Binge olympics

I took a decision early on that I would limit the amount of news I watched and  limit my activity on social media. As long as I was well informed I was fine but there was too much panic and fear mongering happening on social media. This left plenty of time in between the books to binge any and every series that I wanted to, seriously I could be an Olympic gold medalist. There were some days were it was touch and go and I would go to bed at 4 am🙈.

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Zoom/ video calls

I was introduced to Zoom and I used it to keep in touch with my friends, church members and all the people I missed. Technology was a huge help in this time of self-isolation and I do not think I would have kept a positive attitude throughout this time if it wasn’t for it. I didn’t expect anybody to check up on me ( as we were all going through this pandemic) but so many friends were doing mental health checks especially as our area became a hot spot for the virus. I can’t explain how those messages just warmed my heart.

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I know that the lock down affected all of us differently but I would really love to hear how you are coping and what changes have you had to put in to survive this year. I always enjoy engaging with you in the comments. If you enjoyed this post please do not forget to subscribe, share the post and leave a comment.


  • Kim

    Hahahahaha I think majority of us gained weight during those first 5 weeks of lockdown 😂😂. I know I did, so once Cyril gave the go ahead to exercise between 6am and 9am I definitely made and am making use of those 3 hours. Safe to say I think I lost the unwelcomed lockdown kg’s 😅.

    Lockdown has made me realize that working from home isn’t as glamorous as what I thought it would be. Being at home and indoors also tends to get to a person so it’s important to atleast ‘go out’ even if it’s just for a breather. Can’t wait for when I can socialize with friends! Plenty of Wine and a supper date is a must!!!

    PS – my mom loves reading your blogs 😉

    • Sandisiwe

      When you done losing your unwelcome weight come fetch mine😁. Yes a get together with friends is sooo needed once all this settles down. I am glad aunty Nancy enjoys my posts 😍😘

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