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Carve for yourself a little happiness

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“Never give from the depths of your well, but from your overflow.-Rumi”

These last couple of weeks have been hectic, who are we kidding? This entire year has been a whole different kind of can of worms. It is under the these kind of emotions that I have found myself losing hope in humanity, just questioning the general point of it all and all round generally not OK. After having a conversation with a friend who said that he is all about creating his own happiness. Once he has it,he does all that is humanely possible to protect it and spend all his energy focusing on that.

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That led to me journaling the things that make me happy, and making a promise to myself to do one of those things a day. I want to be part of the change but I cannot if I am feeling empty or despondent. That is why I would like to encourage us all to carve out a little happiness and when life wants to knock us down we cling to those things. Cling to the things that make us happy until we have hope in the world again. To be completely honest I am still not OK but I am focusing on the things that make me happy and I won’t stop until that glimmer of light becomes sunshine. On this Monday I hope that I have inspired you to carve out your little happiness in the world and protect your peace🧡.

“Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean me first, it means me too.- L.R.  Krost “


  • Nonsi

    This is such a great reminder on the importance of carving out one’s own happiness. I’ve learnt not to take everything to heart and that’s helped me to protect my peace.

  • Nonsikelelo Ncube

    This is such a great reminder to protect my peace at all cost, in a world that seems to be “falling apart”.

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