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Locally Yours Market-Online auction

Hello dear readers during lock down I have seen a lot of us talking about how essential it is to support local during these uncertain times. That is why I thought its is absolutely imperative that I let you know about this amazing online auction happening. It starts today ends on Sunday ( 12-14 June)!

Introducing Locally Yours Market….

The Locally Yours Market is all about products that are handmade, grown, crafted, cooked, baked & designed right here in the Eastern Cape by local entrepreneurs. Who invite residents to #supportlocal and #livelocal. Although it is currently under lock down the Director Ms Annelize Botha expressed “creativity is not and over the past few weeks we have seen the most amazing collaborations taking shape. With local creatives finding ways to support each other through innovative collaborations” . This why the team is taking to social media to host their first online art auction.

What to expect?

This weekend several artists, ceramicists and fashion designers will feature their work in a unique online auction that is guaranteed to catch the attention of art collectors and fashionista’s alike.

The artists …..

Local artists like Shirly Louw, Chantal Fielding, Sharon Boyd and Hanli Joubert who is a member of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists.  Hanli was born with a condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (many moons ago). This condition left her arms and legs partially immobilized.

“I am very blessed by having the most awesome parents who taught me to be innovative and “an out of the box thinker”. I “design” my own assistive devices and love it when a plan comes together “said Hanli. “In my opinion the most magnificent, beautiful piece of Art is Creation.  And I am extremely thankful for my God given talent and ability to capture some small percentage of it on canvas” Hanli shared with us.

Also joining the artists is the acclaimed ceramicist Lookout Sibanda who has added his bespoke designs to the online auction platform. Lookout will also donate all the proceeds of one of his designs to the Liam Strooberg Foundation.

Joining the creative team online is Gerhard Meiring-Britz, a local designer who needs no introduction, who has added the most gorgeous gown to the collection for auction this weekend.


Want to take part in the auction?

Having read all of this and now you ready to put your local supporting money where your mouth is but have no idea how it works? Have no fear your girl ( that’s me has you 😉).Each art piece or design will have a ‘reserve price’ which is the minimum bid. Should this value not be received the item will not be sold.

The rules are simple, bid on a piece of art that you like in the comments of the piece in rand value. Each artist will offer the initial starting price, and let the fun begin. Bids MUST be placed within the main body of the comments for all other bidders to see. Bids made as a ‘reply’ to other comments, answered questions, or pictures within the comments will be void. Thus leaving the last high bid in the main body as the winning bid.

Your highest bid is the price you buy the item for, even if you outbid yourself.

Be sure to browse through their website . To find unique handmade gifts, fresh produce and services all locally handmade, grown or produced. Don’t forget to share the link and happy shopping who knows you might find the perfect Father’s day gift.





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