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I tested positive… Now what?

The thing about being a blogger is that once in a while (most of the time) I have to let you into my life. Easier said then done people can mistake our intentions and can be so mean. However we have reached the stage where it’s no longer numbers but people we know. If I can humanise this pandemic and give someone hope then so be it.

How it all began

I had a migraine for a while and thought nothing of it and I have had an irritating cough for years. That comes and goes like that guy in your dms who just won’t take a clue 🙄. So when one day when I have been having a steady temperature of 36.1 (we check every day at work) the cough gets bad and I start having chills I think nothing of it. It took my family convincing me to go to test. Honestly I wanted to prove them wrong (I am queen stubborn) I took the whatsapp test provided by Goverment it flagged me as a risk. Obviously it was having a bad day and was wrong, took the discovery test and it too was wrong. The meds weren’t really helping so decided I was going to the doctor to prove to everyone that this was just a bad flu.

The writings on the wall

Monday Morning took a bath almost fainted I couldn’t breathe. Again I thought to myself “this proves nothing my sinus have been blocked before and I have suffered slight shortage of breath. Me to me though it had never been this bad, still proved nothing 🤷🏽‍♀️.

I got to the Dr. struggling to breath and he did other tests and referred me a testing site. Luckily even with my shortness of breathe I was still getting enough oxygen not to be hospitalised. Guys I cannot stress enough how I thought he was wrong and these were just my sinus acting up. I couldn’t wait for my tests to come back negative.

Test time – time to prove people wrong

I was shocked when I saw how long the lines were. I was turned back for the next day. You have no idea how early one has to wake up in the cold to go get tested. Finally on Tuesday morning I was there early with my form of people I had contact with that no masks were worn and no social distancing observed. Such a short list because I am not attending parties or meeting up with friends and mask is my bestie. You can see what fed my denial right? *Back to testing * I arrived to this guy being tested, his arms were flailing 😳. He told his friend it wasn’t bad he was the only one who cried in his group though he said , 🙁. Said friend starts panicking wants to be panic buddies. I start planning escape routes and writing my will, the friend gets tested and he starts tearing up 😭. How did this become my life? Now it’s my turn and here comes out this nose bud that goes to parts of me that I never went to. Honestly it was uncomfortable and quick when I didn’t cry, I was like they mustve done my test wrong 🤦🏾‍♀️men!

The wait

The rest of the week continued with my medication. Lost my sense of taste and smell (but I suffer from chronic sinus so 🤷🏽‍♀️). These last developments led to my brother really trying to switch the lights on, on some you need to welcome a reality where you would test positive. So I went along with this ‘reality’ but I knew come Monday I would be back to work and reality. I live alone so I had been isolating whilst waiting for results.

When denial was no longer an option

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon I was reading my book and having a mean convo with my Teddy. Then Ampath sent me a link for my result. Fyi in high school I was first in English, I was nicknamed the walking dictionary. So when the test said positive I was like what do you mean you can’t spell negative? Then words like ‘Cov-ID 19 nucleic acid detected’ the brain did not compute. Then an sms with all the correct personal details came but the wrong results. Finally was the call from my doctor, when I heard his voice I laughed. It finally dawned on me what positive meant. It took me a minute to finally hear what my doctor was saying. Then I phoned my family and informed work.

As you can see I am rolling squad deep


I cannot even begin to explain how lucky I am. My family has come out full force calling, video calling and just making sure I have all that I need to continue to self isolate. I have also joined the Facebook support group, so many helpful resources. I am still in the early days so I still can’t smell or taste the body pains are also there, I can sleep for days . Yet I continue to eat and medicate. Through so many resources sent by friends and the group I have learnt to sleep on my tummy so that my lungs can expand more helps a bit with the shortness of breath.

Final words

It doesn’t help trying to Crack your skull trying to figure out how you contracted it. You really need a positive mindset, and it’s ok not be ok when you first hear the news. You will feel a certain pang of guilt of how many people could you have accidentally infected. Also if you live alone please videocall people in this isolation time it’s really important not to feel isolated. I am taking it a day at a time. Keeping warm and doing everything necessary to recover. Also bad news for my nephew I am using this time to video call lessons, so I know I have one person praying for my speedy recovery. Let’s continue to wear the masks, social distance, sanitize and boost our immune system. Those of us infected let’s stay at home, the virus doesn’t move people do. Get people to drop off whatever you need. This too shall pass. If you or someone close to you has tested positive please let me know in the comments section ❤️


  • CJ

    I firmly believe that any illness is first lost in the mind. If you are in a negative mindset about it, it will beat you to a pulp. But looking at the bright side, can mean alot to a speedy recovery. People should also STOP BEING ASHAMED of contracting Corona. That is how this virus is spreading because people are not honest about testing positive and knowingly infecting others.

    But here is too a speedy recovery and lots of rest and self care. 💖

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