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How to work from home like a boss

COVID-19's impact on the enterprise and remote work | CIO

with the lock down restrictions being relaxed more and more and the economy opening, more of us are heading back to the office. However many companies are still and will for the foreseeable future encourage working from home. That is why I am bringing you some helpful tips to work from home like a boss, you’re welcome!


Create a work space

Wowza Sandy your advice is so mind-blowing 🙄Honestly this is the one step we take for granted. Thinking because we are at home and it is cold we can work from anywhere , even our bed. This is not recommended, we need to immediately create a space. This will give our minds and bodies and family an indication that we are now at work and need to focus. It doesn’t need to be fancy just a space that encourages productivity. Put up some of your poster/calendars that remind you of the office and inspire you.


Make a realistic schedule

Get into a habit real quick of when all your breaks will be and your working hours. Set up a to do list as per usual of what needs to be done. Obviously you are at home there will be urgent distractions and this is why a schedule is so important. Remember to keep your breaks and start with the most time consuming projects first. Create and keep your working hours.

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Create a morning routine and after work routine

Your commute to and from work may have provided you with a lot of time to mentally prepare your brain for what’s next. This is why it is important to have a morning routine, so you can prepare yourself for your day at work.Likewise once work is done you will need a routine to decompress/ de-stress before you focus your attention on home. This allows that you do not mix the two.

Do not be afraid to ask

The set up for home can be quite the adjustment, do not be afraid to ask for all the stationary and office equipment to get you set up. In the same manner if you are struggling with work projects due to the logistics of working remotely ,perhaps it is a group project, do not be afraid to communicate with your colleagues. It is really important during this time that you keep the communication lines between you and your manager open.

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Do not isolate

As much as you can zoom with your colleagues even if it is not work related, sometimes that work banter is really what makes the day. Schedule coffee break video calls. We need to really fight cabin fever and feelings of loneliness so try to get some sunshine and go for a jog or a walk.

Are you currently working from home?Please share any advice or what works for you below in the comments😉.

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