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International friendship day



“I don’t need a friend who changes when I change, and nods when I nod,my shadow does that much better. “- Plutarch

I am not sure which rock I have been hiding under, unfortunately not Dwayne The Rock Johnson. I didn’t know that there was a thing such as an international friendship day. Not only that but it is actually recognized by the UN. So I thought not only am I writing about it but I am also forcing convincing my friends to take me out to dinner to celebrate their fortune of being my friend but due to the pandemic gifts are welcome as well.

Why friends matter

However you want to celebrate this day, we can all agree that we all need friends. This stems from our basic need to belong, to be seen, understood and valued as we truly are. Also I need people to share in my crazy with me. I might always focus on my girlfriends but I have some of the best guy friends ever who are always willing to listen and give me a different perspective.

Whether we call them tribes, squad or whatever is the new cool term, it’s great to have one and be a part of. I hope you are a great friend and have surrounded yourself with amazing humans. To my awesome friends thanks for joining my crazy, the memories and allowing me to be my most authentic self. To the ones that have cried with me and helped me hide bodies you are the rarest of friends. Here’s to me charging you guys for my prayers for you and making you all compete to be my favorite.

Movies to watch with your BFFS

Now that I have woken you up from your slumber how do you plan on celebrating this awesome day? Be sure to let me know in the comments section. Since I am your favourite blogger I have made a list of movies you can watch with your friends. Be forewarned this is my personal list of movies that I have watched with my friends. Movies that leave us feeling all kinds of soft, empowered and happy to be in each other’s lives. So get your tissues ready, bring out the ice cream, snacks, lots of wine and binge on these babies.

  • Set it off
  • Romy and Michele’s high school reunion
  • The help
  • Bridesmaids
  • Sisterhood of the travelling pants
  • Miss you already
  • The woman
  • Hustlers
  • Girls trip

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