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Recovering from Corona


“Don’t breathe next to me, you might get me sick, your nose is so red it looks like a brick. You’re sneezing a lot, I’m leaving the room, I don’t want what you’ve got”- The Ronas

Hi there my awesome readers! Firstly I want to say thank you so much for your love and support after my post about testing positive. Today’s post will basically just be a catch up on how isolation went, the emotional after effects and update on how I am.

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I had started my isolation from the time that I went for a test. There are a lot of contesting views of when is your 14 days up. Whether from the day of first symptom or day the day of testing. To be on the safe side I stayed inside until after 14 days of testing.  I made the decision of staying alone and not going into an isolation site. I had heard stories of people starving. If you know me you know food calls to me like the ocean calls to Moana.It wasn’t easy having to prepare my own meals and take care of myself. I struggled with tiredness, loss of smell and taste and very bad bouts of shortness of breathe. I am very blessed to have family and friends who dropped off cooked meals, fruits and ginger love. Honestly there were days I was cooking for myself and I would nod off and I wake up to burning food, I ate it, couldn’t smell it or taste it🙈.

One of my drop offs that came with with a poem from one of my friends child titled- The Ronas

Emotional toil

After my post I had such an outpouring of support, from daily check ups, video calls and drops off at the gate. I can not begin to say how much this helped. Yes I am a very positive person but to have people rooting for you just was an added bonus. I had  a friend reach out and tell me they tested positive and she told me what a yo-yo this virus is. It helped cause I had days where I felt better only to  have a shortness of breath of attack whilst reading a book. I also had people who reached out to me after they tested positive and we have walked this journey together.I had kept my spirits up by video calls with friends and family, journaling, worship music , reading and binging series. However it does get a little bit too much having a teddy bear as your only companion. As much as this virus wreaks havoc on your body it plays mind games with your mental health. Towards the end I had one bad day that I put aside the strong woman and had a good cry. I really think counselling should be recommended for people after isolation or a good venting session with a trusted friend.

Can I come into the out now?

“The last thing I need is a cold or a flu and so I’m thinking I will bid you adieu”-The Ronas

What worked for me

There is so much advice out there and when you test positive people will send you videos and any advice they think will help you. I suggest taking your doctors advice, sticking to your budget and what works for you. I had flu meds, I steamed with Vicks and olbas ( which has eucalyptus, menthol, wintergreen and other essential oils. I also rubbed the vicks and oils on my chest. Twice a day I had ginger love with crushed chillies. When I experienced shortness of breath lying on my tummy and steaming helped. The trick is not to panic it would take me two hours to breathe normally.

My new plant babies named Cory and Rory

Life after recovery

I had a secondary infection which has thankfully cleared up, although on cold nights my chest still tightens. My smell isn’t fully back but my taste is. Thankfully I do not seem to have infected anyone in my family or work as no one has ever shown symptoms. Although I must say the 4 people on my tracing list were never contacted after I tested positive. I am now in my third week back to work, I have gotten used to being around people again. My heart goes out to people who have lost ones to this disease. I too have lost friends and my doctor to it, we need to pray for front-liners. This year more  than others we need to treasure the ones we are with, check on everyone. We are constantly seeing messages of RIP, people are losing their jobs. Have you or anyone you know recently tested positive? how did you keep mentally fit? I would love to hear from you in the comments section.



  • Unathi

    Having being there via social during the whole journey ,and seeing how positive you always were throughout has been are still the person you were before corona just more aware,more grateful and more wiser and truly know you are blessed 💕I LOVE YOU ..Keep doing the things

  • Tumelo

    I totally agree that counselling is need, from the trauma of hearing you are positive to the after math…the journey of recovering on it’s own nje and hearing that so and so has saccumb to the diesease contributes. We need to be mentally and spiritually fit to survive this. What a great read, we glad that you survived. Welcome back.

    • Sandisiwe

      Thank you so much. Yes Therapy is needed, the week I was really weak a lot of people I knew were dying and a part of me went to the worse thoughts of what if I am next? Even your loved ones who cannot come take care of you or really visit you need that therapy. I know my parents struggled being that far from me and knowing that I was alone at home.

  • CJ

    This pandemic has left alot of people upside down. There is no “one size fits all” method to recovery. Just looking at the varying symptoms we had in our household. Of the 4 people, not one persons experience was the same as the others. We had a few things in common but each went through many different things. Bit most importantly, in a time when you see so many people succumb to the virus and around every corner the is an RIP on statuses, having a positive mindset became very tough. The virus was especially difficult for us, as you said, our doctor died due to covid so that massive medical support and guidance fell away and we were left to home remedies and prayer. You also cherish the hugs you take for granted a bit more after Covid because when isolating, it becomes dam lonely. But we get to tick a box (survivor) that many are not able to. May the dearly departed continue to rest in peace🙌

    • Sandisiwe

      I love this🧡 definately people experience differently. The people who tested after me and came to me for advice I would ask what did their doctor provide and what are their symptoms. My most import role was to say I am here for you and we will walk through this valley together. I missed Dr Seeraj through this journey his guidance would have made a difference

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