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World teachers day – celebrating the everyday heroes

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Today is world teachers day, no not the ones who correct our spelling on social media. Whether you had a love or hate relationship with yours we can all agree they have had an impact on our lives. Todays post seeks to understand from everyday teachers what goes on behind the scenes and how this pandemic has affected them.


Luke Scharneck- Highschool teacher

What inspired you to choose this career ?

The lack of male teachers in school played a pivotal role in my decision to teach High School. Also, the idea of developing a young mind and teaching them key skills to succeed in life is fulfilling.

Who is the one teacher that made a huge difference in your life ?  

My grade 12 History teacher Mr. Stephenson, he was also my first team rugby coach. He made his lesson exciting and everyday was a debate in his class. He made History feel like life lessons and fun. He also dressed exceptionally well always wearing a shirt and tie which I’ve adopted. He is now a headmaster and his success in his career trajectory is a model to follow. He also encouraged us to read beyond the scope, consistently seeking knowledge and understanding.

This years theme is teachers leading in crisis, reimagining the future. How has the pandemic affected how you teach ?

I had to become creative and teach via WhatsApp and Zoom. I faced numerous challenges particularly with data usage and some kids didn’t have the technology to do the work. I also held after school classes and worked closely with the grade 12’s.



Josie Nel- Grade 2 teacher

This years theme is teachers leading in crisis, reimagining the future. How has the pandemic affected how you teach ?

This pandemic has taught me how much of a physical job this is. The saying that some children come to school to be loved and some children come to school to learn rings so much truth. Sometimes a child needs a hug are a tap on the shoulder for reassurance, this pandemic has forced us to stop all of that and adopt new ways of showing comfort such as foot tapping and using sign language.

What are some of the misconceptions parents have about teachers?

Foremost is that we do not work very hard, we have half days and too many holidays. What people don’t see is that often we stay at school much later than a half day due to extra-curricular activities. During certain seasons of sport we give up many weekends and valuable family time to take children on tours and to events. With regards to holidays, again, what people don’t see is that we work. We plan curriculums, source worksheets and design resources. More often than not we spend our own money on buying what we need due to lack of funding.

How would you like your students to remember their time with you ?

I would love for my children to remember that learning is fun, they need to learn that discipline is key and that they can do anything that they set their mind to. I want them to know I will always be there for them, no matter how old they are.

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Taryn Freeks- Grade 6 teacher

What are some of the misconceptions parents have about teachers

They assume we just fulfil the role of transferring information to the learners. Our profession goes beyond the blackboard. We are the parents away from home, social workers, we are law enforcement officers, we are nurses, care givers, psychologists, the list is endless. Sure enough we studied to become professional educators, but experiences and the diversity/multicultural classrooms we have has given us insight to the different backgrounds, personalities of the ones we work with.
With that being said, we do more than just teach, we incorporate all those various fields into our day, and repeat the process to the benefit of the child without hesitation. We are more than just teacher

Teachers effect eternity no one can tell where their influence stops- Henry Brooks Adam

Shi-Re Martin – Grade 3 teacher ( Kuwait)

What inspired you to choose this career ?

It was my grade 4 natural science teacher. He showed real care and passion towards his students and his subject. He went an extra mile and really showed such dedication and towards his craft. He was more like a father figure.

Teaching abroad what have been some of the differences you have picked up ?

When teaching abroad depending on which school and which country you are teaching you will definitely discover that the difference is extremely big. Parents are more involved. They do rote learning for each test parents expect a memorandum in advance. Students are mostly rich and therefore when it comes to behaviour it’s mostly disrespectful. The students lack critical thinking skills. They learn a curriculum that’s not relating to their own country or in most cases beneficial. Students are taught a curriculum which expects them to know English in class as if it’s their home language. Students have more resources therefore a teacher can really make use of 21ST century methodologies.

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Thank you so much to the teachers who contributed to this blog post. Having read through this I am reminded of the saying that “a good teacher is like a candle it consumes itself to light the way for others. ” To all the teachers who have answered the calling we honor and celebrate you. Please don’t forget to share the link, subscribe ( it’s free) to be the first to know when I post. Thank you for your non-refundable gift, your time.


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