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Hello 2021- Life lately and update on the blog



If you are reading this, it means that you have survived what possibly was one of the most what the **** ?!?! year that ever was. I think at one time or another we all expressed some type of shock or expletives to the happenings of the year, that will no longer be mentioned, until all we could do is shrug and say seems about right. One thing I will say about the year that was, is that it was consistent.

10 memes that wrap up 2020 perfectly - We Are The MightyI would like to thank each and every loyal reader who stuck with me last year, even when I wasn’t posting that much and just trying to survive the pandemic. I also want to extend a huge virtual hug to everyone who has lost someone, a job or just generally trying to survive. Todays post is just an update on where I am and plans for the blog.


Lessons learned from 2020

  • Life is extremely fragile and short, tomorrow is not guaranteed.
  • Even on the darkest of days hope is there even if it is just a glimmer.
  • Treasure everyone and every moment.
  • Take lot’s of pictures of the ones you love, eventually it will be all you have.

There were obviously a lot more lessons, these are the ones that stood out for me and it’s because of these lessons that I move into this year with hope. I have made a vow to live unapologetically and be present in each moment.

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Sandy’s-place 2021

You can look forward to more content, especially collaborations. I really enjoyed having guest posts and hearing other peoples views and so did you! so more of that please, yes🙌. January is where I finalize the content for the next 6 months but from February back to regular posting. Also this year my blog turns 3 (whoop whoop👏)and last year was a quarantine birthday so a birthday giveaway is needed. In keeping with the celebration of 3 years be on the look out for a mini face lift of the blog. I really am enjoying looking at the various options to change the look and feel of the blog but still in line with my brand. For more of the great stuff and for giveaways be sure to continue reading the blog. Please let me know of some of the goals of this year, if you have any , or are you taking this year as it comes?


  • Zeus(Uzu)

    Those are some valuable lessons, thanks for sharing.
    Definitely can’t wait to read more.
    Right now I’m taking the year as it comes but one goal is to also live as authentically and as unapologetically as possible so I’m looking forward to the experiences, growths and achievements this year has for me.

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