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How passion drove this talented designer from corporate to owning her own Interior design company

Divine Glow Lifestyle is an interior décor and design firm which was founded in 2017. Their focus is on residential and commercial interiors and sometimes they dabble a bit in landscaping, depending on client’s requests. Today we sit down with the Interior designer, stylist and owner Tokoloho Masalesa.

“The cost of not following your heart , is spending the rest of your life wishing you had- Karin Bohn”

Seeing that you have a degree in Media and Journalism, what would you say ignited your passion for design and encouraged you to make the leap?

I’ve always loved interior décor, I grew up with a mother who loved beautiful surroundings but could never be able to bring her vision to life. We’d talk about it, she’d attempt it but never got it right. I remember thinking to myself, one day, when I can afford good carpenters or upholsters I am going to put my money in helping her bring her visions for her home to fruition. Well, I would day dream and fantasize of beautiful spaces. Every space I occupied growing up needed to look and feel homey and romantic. When I moved into my own space after I started working, friends and family loved how I arranged my living space and actually persuaded me to go into interior design. I’ve always wanted and planned on going the entrepreneurial route, so then it made sense for me to go with interior design. I knew I would truly enjoy it because I have so much passion for it. So, I dropped out of the corporate world and went back to school to go get my qualification.


How would you describe your design aesthetic, what would would you say makes our work stand out?

My style is not limited but I do tend to lean a lot towards a more modern contemporary style and I love to experiment with colour. Something I didn’t go into intentionally but gets requested a lot from my clients. What makes me stand out? I think I am still at a stage where I am trying to find my place in the industry but I did start as a fabrics and wallpaper consultant. This means I bring with me a whole lot of experience and expertise when it comes to putting together and working with different types of fabrics and wallpapers. Which a lot of my fellow decorators and designers don’t have extensive experience in.


Tell us more about your thought process when you meet a client in their space, for the first time ?

When I visit or go see my clients’ space for the first time my mindset really is not on how the house looks or feels at the time but more on an observation of how my client moves around and lives in their homes. This helps when building the space plan because homes are quite personal. More than anything the space needs to work and be functional for my client and their family.


Do you have a favorite space to decorate?

I actually don’t, I love and enjoy working on all the rooms in the house. Each bringing with it a different challenge of course but children’s bedrooms and playrooms tend to be a lot more fun to work on.

What would you say are the three most important features in a room  ?

I don’t have three but the most important is lighting. Lighting in a room determines a lot of the design features and direction of the project.

It is often said that the style of your home is an extension of your personality. What does your home say about you?

I love comfort, I am laidback and a risk taker 😃.

How often do you redecorate, is it seasonal or do you simply change a few elements to ‘freshen ‘up the look?

I don’t redecorate as much as I would like to, I get so busy with other people’s homes I tend to neglect my own. But, I have decided to prioritize my family and  space this year and start putting some effort into my own home. So it will be seasonal, changing and moving things around the home to make the space feel fresh and new.

What would you say are the three trending décor trends at the moment? 


A minimalistic look and feel, wall paneling and stylish pendant lights.

Who would you say you look up to or inspires you in the Industry?

Karin Bohn of House of Bohn internationally and locally Tonic and Studio 19 as a brand. Karin Bohn because of her journey as a female entrepreneur in the interior design industry, her journey is quite relatable. Tonic and Studio 19 because of their look and feel, a lot close to where I see Divine Glow Lifestyle heading as a brand.


How do you stay motivated ? 

By reminding myself every day of my greater purpose, the WHY I am doing what I chose to do. It is not about me but those I love and the community as a whole. I aspire to grow DGL to a point where I can hire people and help them feed and take financial care of their families.


What does your self care routine look like? 

LOL that sounds so foreign right now😂. It’s actually a good cup of coffee in the morning, staring at my garden and jotting down my thoughts in my journal while everyone else in the house is still fast asleep. That centers me and brings me so much joy.

What are you currently reading or binging? 

Currently reading The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwin. Unfortunately between running my own business, being a wife and having two toddlers I do not have time to spoil myself with some binging

Favourite place to travel ?

The Western Cape, it has so many beautiful small towns to explore which I just love. Adding to it the winelands, a favorite 😊.

How do you define a life well lived ? 

Shuuuu, for me a life well lived is a life lived intentionally without holding oneself back because of what people would say or think of you – Carpe Diem. Doing so without harming anyone in the process of course 🙌💕.

If you enjoyed today’s profile be sure to leave a comment and don’t forget to share the link. Feel free to ask Tokoloho any questions perhaps we can do a whole blog post on your questions. Thank you Tokoloho and the Divine Glow Lifestyle team for your time and effort. If you would like to check out more of their work be sure to go on to the Website



  • Kim Scharneck

    I absolutely loved this post! Found myself absorbed in Tokoloho’s responses and wanting to know and read more. Felt like I could feel her passion through her responses. I couldn’t help but find myself daydreaming about my dream interior design for my house one day. It also goes to show that it’s never too late to follow your dream in life even if you went on to study something totally different. Your drive, determination and passion will guide you!

  • Bonolo Moloi

    Tokoloho is Amazing. Her ideas are out of this world and she’s super patient! Such a professional and creative being . Cant wait to BLAST our finished product super excited. Wishing u morning but the best

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