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Where have I been?- An update on life lately


I feel like uSdumo whose been hiding away from laqasha- for all my youngins  that is a reference to a popular show where the titular character used to run or hide from the loan shark who broke legs. I haven’t been away for such nefarious reasons but a lot has been going on behind the scenes in my personal life.

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I am getting married!!

Yep you read that right I am getting married. What a whirlwind adventure it is and has been. My life is currently about work , relocation and planning the nuptials ( and all the family meetings that go with that). Once everything is signed and all the champagne is sipped, do expect a blog post. That will detail planning and executing about 3 weddings and all the other ceremonies in under a year! Yes your girl is an overachiever🤷‍♀️. I am really trying my level best to not only thrive but really be present and enjoy my marriage journey. As to be expected somethings are falling by the way side and I have taken the hard decision to step away from my other commitments. This has been really hard but I have been barely coping so in order to do things well I have decided to step away from a few things. For my blog that means I was quiet for two months 😮. That really crushed my soul but I am currently working on two months worth of content. However bare with me your girl is juggling a lot.

What to expect on Sandy’s-place ??

  • Book reviews
  • A guest post on someone who joined a cult without knowing
  • A profile on a woman doing her bit to fight period poverty… and so much more!!

Thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog and sharing some of my old content, you put the cherry on top of my happiness. I really hope everyone is taking this year a day at a time. May we continue to stay safe this virus is still out there. Allow yourself some pockets of happiness in the midst of this pandemic.


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