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Spilt Milk {Book Review}

Spilt Milk by Kopano Matlwa – Bridge Books
Author: Kopano Matlwa
Publication year: 2010
Genre: Political Fiction

Hello my beautiful family, it really has been a whilst. Just like most things in my life my reading has been neglected and whilst I am up for air I am fitting in as many books as I can. Ever since I read coconut I couldn’t wait to read this offering.


A story of two passionate people who share a shameful past and a tenuous present. This remarkable narrative follows headmistress Mohumagadi—of the elite Sekolo sa Ditlhora school for talented black children—and Father Bill, a disgraced preacher.  As they are brought together again decades after a childhood love affair expelled them from their communities. Much to the dismay of her students, Mohumagadi hires Father Bill as a teacher, resulting in a battle of wills and wits for the hearts and minds of the children living in the shadow of revolution and change.


My thoughts

I really went in expecting to be blown away and some parts did grab me but the book felt too short and disjointed. I enjoyed the premise of the school for young black excellent children who would change the future. I really wanted to get to know them more besides the glimpse we got to see of them. It must be said their thinking and reasoning was really advanced for their age which spoke to the ethos of the school. The tragic ending had me in my feels, wondering why must it take death to have us questioning our decisions? I was rooting for the book but honestly I would give it three stars. With time willing will definately read Period pain.

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