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Are you afraid of the dark? { Book review}

Author: Sidney Sheldon
Publication year: 2004
Genre: Suspense thriller


Hey friends, welcome to a much needed book review. I haven’t been reading as many books as I would like this year but a week before my wedding I needed an escape and picked a book that I could devour within a day. This Sidney Sheldon thriller- Are you afraid of the dark? – was the page turner that the doctor ordered.



In New York, Denver, Paris and Berlin four people have died separately in apparent accidents. Two women- widows of the two dead- find themselves under ruthless attack and are thrown together in fear, confusion and for mutual protection. Are the women being targeted because one of them is the prosecution witness at a famous criminal trial? Or is there a connection to the mystery behind their husband’s deaths?

What I thought

I had never heard of Sidney Sheldon before picking up this book but once I started reading I honestly could not put it down, I enjoyed his writing style from the beginning.  This suspense thriller had me right where it wanted me, my emotions were all over the place. Having to close the book once or twice to catch my breath. The chapters were short and flowed seamlessly. However the author dragged the book a little longer than he had to and towards the end I was able to predict the ending and that became a bit of a disappointment. Bearing that in mind I would still recommend the book if you are in need of a distraction. I will be looking out for some of his other books. Have you read Sidney Sheldon books before? If you have be sure to recommend some in the comments section below.

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