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Last week Monday I posted a blog that tried to cover our eventful year of getting to the alter and saying our I do’s. What many might not know is that we did everything in one year and planned it in just as much time. Our dream wedding wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for our suppliers who went above and beyond the call of duty. Today’s post will be dedicated to all our suppliers, hope it helps some brides to be.

Knotwood forest

This is where we did our vows, a truly ethereal place. I would suggest that the bride sleeps there before her big day, something I wish I did. The cabin is so amazing that everyone who saw it wanted to book it. There’s a certain enchantment with a wedding in between the trees makes a girl feel like a princess. To book it contact Ruth, she made our entire experience absolutely lovely.

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Blue Barn

We had a few places that we had emailed, Blue barn responded the quickest and we finalized a date to see it. When we got there we didn’t feel the need to go to any other venues, Steph was not only welcoming but the venue had all that we needed. There is a chapel, a separate place to have starters, honestly you have options for an inside or outside wedding or a bit of both. I really didn’t want to travel far for photos as that takes away time from your day with your guests. There’s enough place for photos as well. Steph and her family are really helpful setting up a menu that caters to your needs and set up the place to your specifications. Everyone still raves about how delicious the food was, I love my desert and we chose a menu with four options of desert. A special mention for making our wedding cake, which was three tier and each tier was a different flavour. We gave a tier each to our in laws, my mom wanted chocolate, my mom in love wanted a carrot cake and we wanted a coffee cream cake and they did all of that and at a reasonable price.


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Stephanie Norman Photography

I might be biased but I find her as one of the best wedding photographers we have in the province. She did our engagement shoot and we did the golden hour shoot. She took us somewhere that my husband first asked if she is not a serial killer. The photos were stunning, they could inspire Nicholas Sparks to pen a new novel. The wedding photos still blow my mind away. On the day she was a voice of calm informing me I was not the first bride to be sewn into her wedding dress and helping me relax. She made sure we got stunning shots despite being behind schedule by an hour. One piece of advice we really listened to was that after all is said and done all you will have are your pictures and videos. So brides to be please choose wisely, this is one department you do not want to skimp on.

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Serah May

We got referred to this phenomenal florist by Steph from Blue Barn. After sending out quotes and looking at the work of other florists we selected her. We got confirmation we made the right choice the first day we met her. She was bubbly (it’s really important for me to have a good rapport with someone whom I am working with) and just has this amazing energy about her. She enhanced the forest with her arch and flowers up the aisle. Her deco for the reception was stunning. I kept my bouquet (we had made a separate bouquet to toss) and some of the flowers that were used for our sweetheart table. They lasted for two weeks, I am a closet sentimental person, and they really just carried the beauty of that day into our home. She is unfortunately leaving the country and we were really fortunate to have her as part of our day.

River and wood films

If you are looking for a cinematic experience for your big day then look no further then River and Wood films. Jess is incredible in what she does, she was familiar with both our venues and had worked with Steph before and they fed off each other. In Jess I have found a soul sister by the time we finally met we had spoken so much it felt like I had known her all my life. You will have to go the blogs’ Facebook page for her videos as they are too big to be loaded on WordPress😢.

Nuvo ink

I am a fan of Tinas work, she is consummate artist and professional. She too was one supplier I was crossing fingers and toes that she was available. She did my make-up ( for my engagement shoot as well), my bridal party , except my MOH, my mom and sister in law. To describe her work I can only do it by relating one brides maid reaction, she kept saying will people know who’s the real bride and will her momma recognize her? She offers variety of services including but not limited wig installation and hair care products.

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Refined Revolt

If carrying my wedding by her shoulders was a person, then it would be the incredible Yamkela Lize from Refined Revolt. She is my go to designer not only for her talent but also for the sole purpose that when the world wakes up to her talent I will have hopefully earned a life time discount. She made my gown, but can we can talk about my 3 meter veil, my brides maid dresses, the grooms blazer and mother of the bride dress. Whilst also being a bridesmaid as well. Do yourself a favour and check out her website she makes the most amazing custom outfits, wallets and travel bags.

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Black Tulip

This company is owned by one of my closest friends who inspires me to go after my dreams. She installed our champagne wall, the wall with our surname. Her work was really amazing and went well with the deco, she adds her own signature touch.


16 Strings

Once we confirmed the Forest, I knew I wanted a singer and a violinist to walk me down the isle to Fools rush in and You make me whole by Amel Larrieux. My Maid of Honor and  I really struggled to find a violinist in East London. As luck would have it at the eleventh hour we found an entire string quartet! 16  strings quartet were phenomenal and accommodating  when my singer couldn’t perform because of COVID. and you can find them under that name on Facebook.



Our Dj let us down a week before the wedding, we were referred to these guys by a friend. There was no time to build a rapport let alone meet. So our only request was no R Kelly and t0 bring in some classic South African music into the mix. On the day I remember heading to our couple shoot and hearing such great music that I wanted to turn back and go dance with everyone. I cannot speak highly enough of this guys I highly recommend them. You can find him on instagram under amotainment_events.


I really cannot stress enough how fortunate we were that our suppliers were available on our chosen date as most can be booked up a year in advance. Their dedication and helpfulness has resulted in me making new friends. I would like to end of this blog by thanking all our family and friends who came together to help us pull off our weddings. To all the brides with upcoming weddings my piece of advise have more then one date, look at the trends of the shut downs. Get organized, start early, have a team and get reputable suppliers. As always thanks for your non refundable gift that is your time.




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