Hello 2022- The Year Of 4

It feels good to be back and writing again. I hope those that are back at work are kind regarding and attaching the files correctly, good news you are half way through the week. To God’s favourite children may you enjoy your last week of rest before returning back to work. Today’s post is a short proof of life post before I head back to working on the posts for the year.

2021 a recap

Despite it being deep in the pandemic, riddled with loss and inconsolable grief it was still a good year. I married my soul mate and we  got to celebrate our journey of forever through three separate ceremonies.  There were other celebrations such as my grannies 90th, my cousins wedding and my friends engagements to name a few things  . We were blessed materially as well so all in all 2021 evened herself out and was not , at least in our circle , the dumpster fire that 2021 was and so 2022 if you are listening you have big shoes to fill.😉

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The year of 4

My blog turns four and if anything this blog is a love letter to myself of it’s possible! Possible to have a dream and follow it through, to fall off the horse and get back up again. I had so many big plans for the blog last year but life happened. So those plans will be intertwined with this year’s plans, so strap yourself in the year of 4 will be a great one.

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You get a thank you, and you get a thank you, everyone gets a Thaaank Yoooooou!

I often but not often enough, sign off with a thank you for your non-refundable gift that is your time. And I mean it you to take time to read- in an age of instant gratification and people wanting to read to respond and not understand. You comment, share and send me personal messages and all those words mean a lot to me. They flan the flames for my dreams. The growth of this blog is all thanks to you.


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