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How a hobby and passion for experimenting with her hair, led to her own natural hair company: Meet the brains behind Curl-lectual.

Curl-lectual is an all natural haircare company that aims to inspire a holistic mindset and encourage a sustainable approach through the intentional consumption of their multifunctional products.

What inspired the business  ?

I would say the inspiration for the business would be a direct result of my passion for experimenting and expressing myself through my hair. Adding to this my interest for all things natural. Through my experimenting and trying out the products that I made for my own hair my company was birthed.

The name Curl-lectual is quite unique, how did you come up with it ?

I knew I wanted my company’s name to encompass the natural journey as a whole instead of focusing on the purely aesthetic reasons one would undertake this journey. Hence I used the word play of ‘intellectual’ combined with ‘curl’. I do also think having come across a really amazing young woman named Martine with the t-shirt brand ‘Curl-ture’ definitely inspired how I paired the double barrel name as it was probably in my subconscious. Shout out to Martine!

What were your challenges that came with turning a hobby into a business ?

Having no prior knowledge and just diving into creating and starting a business was one of the major challenges . Coupled with the fact that I am an artist and so I tend to focus on areas that engage my creativity such as product and content creation as well as marketing. This meant that for a long time I let the admin and finance areas suffer. Another challenge would be that I didn’t have funding when I started and still don’t.

Tell us about your process for coming up with your product formulation?

Well I do a lot of research but I have and will continue to say I do feel divine intervention with my first recipe and product, the sprouting brew. This product continues to amaze me with its benefits that I didn’t even know it had but the clients would report back to me.

What have been some of your some of your accomplishments ?

I set really high expectations for myself therefore I don’t think I’ve necessarily accomplished what I’ve wanted to.
Notwithstanding, it might not be a specific accomplishment, but I am proud of the business surviving Covid.  This happened purely through what a lot of people would deem as old school marketing, word of mouth. This is also how news traveled of my products when I first started out.

Curl-lectual products are for all hair types and for everyone

Are your products for all hair types ?

Yes, that is one of the things that surprised me about the initial product when we only had one. They are definitely for all hair types. The shampoo bar doubles up as a body bar and quite a few of my clients have reported how it has helped them with their skin and marks they’ve had.

Where are your products available ?

Right now they’re only directly available from me or my agents, Cape Town, Johannesburg and soon we will be back in my hometown ( East London) with an agent over there.

What marketing strategies do you use ?

I advertise on Instagram and Facebook and choose brand ambassadors to create content. This content is to show people that these products are for everyone and are simple to use.

Speaking of brand ambassadors, how do you select them ?

Honestly girls approach me now, but I’ve always chosen girls that don’t have too much of a following, your everyday girl. Ones that we can all relate to and of course they have to be natural and must have always had beautiful hair.

Any advice for fellow entrepreneurs ?

I think if you have no business background and you’re doing this for the first time don’t be hard on yourself but hold yourself accountable too. Educate yourself in the areas that you lack there’s so much information out there and for free too. I have heard someone say that owning a small business is like betting on yourself several times and you will go broke several times. However as long as you going broke is a return on your investment, meaning you pushing the money back into your business you will eventually get there, we all will. Persevere. Your business is not only about you, it’s the stage that God has prepared for Him to show you to the world. We will never understand how much how journey could encourage the next person unbeknownst to us.

Who has been your greatest support?

Honestly my parents and my customers. I have the BEST customers in the world. They’re so supportive and encouraging from the very beginning up until now. They are like my family now.

What book(s) are you currently reading ?

Deep work by Cal Newport
The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
The Water Dancer by Ta-nehisi

Do you have a morning or night routine that you follow ?

What is your favourite restaurant ?

I don’t think I necessarily have a favourite restaurant but I do have favourite cuisines which are Asian, Indian and Mediterranean.

Do you have a favourite quote that you live by ?

My favourite quote isn’t a quote but rather a scripture. I like to remind myself of God’s love and Grace for me as someone trying to unlearn perfectionism and having suffered from a crippling fear of failure so my favourite scripture is 2 Corinthians 12:9. But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

And lastly, how do you define a life well lived ?

Honestly I’m still learning about what life well lived means to me and me alone without filtering through the lens of society or others’ preconceived ideas and notions. Right now all I want to do is not become fixated on the end, the destination but enjoy every part of the discovery and learning process of the journey. The feeling on the mountaintop is fleeting but it’s the every day struggles and celebrations that make life interesting.

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