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7 Hacks to beat the Monday blues

You know that feeling that starts to creep up on you on a Sunday morning and gets louder and louder as the day progresses? Until you online Googling sicknesses you can have on a Monday morning or how to become a millionaire before your next alarm? Ah yes that dreaded anxious feeling for Mondays’ arrival and sadness that the weekend is over or commonly known as the Monday blues. Todays post is about the 7 hacks that help me deal with Monday blues and I hope they do the same for you.

1. Prepare on a Friday for Monday

Let’s be honest a lot of us mere more mortals check out of work, mentally, after lunch on a Friday. Why not use this time to plan for the week ahead. A lot of the anxiety that happens on a Sunday is because you are consumed with the work load. However if you plan your week correctly and leave your desk tidy this lessens the anxiety. Also try to leave yourself an inspiring/funny note that will make you chuckle on Monday morning.

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2. Unplug

Now more than ever people are cognizant of the fact that social media can be unhealthy. Use your weekend as a time to unplug and refresh. That means no work emails and just being off your phone or less time on your phone. Focus on being present in the moment. Journal do a health check on how you are doing. There is so much happening in the world that also contributes to our anxiety, triggers are now at the click of a finger.

3. Don’t over plan everything for Monday

When planning the week try not to plan everything for Monday, pace yourself and plan things for the other days. For me it’s really important to also make the week a bit exciting and not only live for the weekend. So I try to do something different each week obviously depending on our responsibilities that will look different for all of us.

4. Sundays are for rest

If you can try and do all your running around on Saturday. As much as you can make Sunday the day that you rest, the day that you sleep in a bit. Maybe catch up on your favourite series and or read a book.  Remember though there are seven types of rest so do not be limited. I try to make my weekends a time to really get out and do something different whether a games night with friends, hike or just finding a new restaurant. The aim is to feel refreshed and ready to face the week and a gentle reminder that life is more than just work.

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5. Put that glass down

Real talk those Sunday hang outs hit different and Sunday can feel like the new Saturday but it isn’t! Monday already comes with its own hangover so don’t do it. Put that last glass down and go home and unwind and have an early night. Obviously if it doesn’t  take you three working days to recover  this advice isn’t for you otherwise put it down.

6. Sleep early

This should seem like a no brainer, however we are binger generation. And that one last episode tends to become the entire season leaving you with only two hours of sleep. Being well rested is key to fighting the blues and being productive for the day. When we are sleep deprived we are slow, grouchier, so this step should be the easiest but with so many things vying for our attention it can be the hardest. Remember to go off social media at least thirty minutes before bed time to ensure a better quality of sleep.

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7. Get a morning routine and maintain it

This wont just help with the Monday blues but life in general. For me it’s reading my bible, prayer time and fitting in a quick workout and or a yoga session. This is followed by my to do list for the day and affirmations. On the days that I don’t do this I really can tell the difference. Figure out what works for you and keep at it, this way you get a hold of the day and not the other way around. If a night routine or both works for you that is fine as long as it helps you.

A cream cheese and salmon bagel with crisp- can be a great Monday treat

Treat yourself Monday

Try to trick your brain into looking forward to Monday by giving yourself one thing to look forward to. Let this be the day you buy yourself coffee, lunch or go somewhere. Make it something affordable and that you can do each Monday. For me I volunteer at my church, I look forward to helping people and that fellowship with my other church members. Also the biscuits we have, I often say those calories don’t count as we’re in the Lords’ house.

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Final thoughts

How we experience the Monday blues is different, it is more sever for others. If you fall into the latter, write down your reasons or talk to a friend. Perhaps this is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. It could be that you are overwhelmed by a particular project, maybe the work environment is toxic or it is time for a new job.  Also try reframing how you look at the week, list the things you are looking forward to and grateful for. The fact that you have Monday blues means that you at least have a job. What are some of the ways that you deal with the Monday blues ? be sure to let me know in the comments section.

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