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SEO tips for beginners

Hello! When starting out as a blogger there are so many things to learn. It is not just writing and posting pictures.  Nay Nay (I can’t be the only Bailey Sarian fan) it is a whole lot more but today we are specifically focusing on Search Engine Optimization.  These SEO hacks for beginners are designed to help you rank higher and are simple to understand and implement.

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  1. Timeless Content

My general rule for my blog is never write for the sake of writing. Great content will help with your page relevance, what makes great content you may ask? Being timeless, also your content needs to answer comprehensively a question, and provide a solution. Think of your content as that 90s RnB we still listen to. Avoid topics that are trending now as they have an expiry date unless you plan on posting often. Try to stick to topics that will always be relevant and keep readers coming back.


  1. Optimize images

As much as you can you need to use your own images. Make sure that they are the correct size and quality remains whether it’s a desk top view or mobile view. If your images are too large then they will slow down the loading speed of your page and you run the risk of losing readers. Also be sure to title your images, making use of alt tag. With Alt tag, this is where you need to be descriptive as it will help Google understand what the image is about.

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  1. Keyword and meta descriptions

I know when you are starting out all these terms can be daunting have no fear, I will break them down for you.

  • Key words- Describe your content best. It is the search term that you want to rank highest for also it should reflect what the readers are searching for. When placing it in your content practice moderation but definitely put it in your first paragraph.
  • Meta description- This is the small blurb underneath your title and it provides the summary of your page. Always keep it under 160 characters and be sure to add in your keyword.

4. Links

There are three types of links that you need to be aware of:

  1. Back link-  these are links that come from another web page to yours. The more you have, the higher your organic search engine ranking. The best way to get this one is when you write for another credible site or getting listed in directories. For bloggers that would look like being listed in a blogger list or writing for another blogger and doing a blog exchange.
  2. Internal links – these links send readers to other pages on your site. Therefore as an added bonus keeping them longer on your site.
  3. External links- these links send users to other sites. The more credible the other site, the better. I predominantly do external links for people I profile.

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I hope todays tips were helpful but remember they are just the tip of the iceberg. Try to implement them bit by bit and go to your previous posts and see if amendments can’t be made. Also good to note is that SEO trends and algorithms are always changing. Therefore you need to always be learning and doing a site audit. If you found todays’ post helpful don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment.



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